Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Second Amendment

The Second amendment to the constitution is an important right and a right everyone should be fighting for and not capitulating. Liberals would have the country believe that violence in this country is the result of guns. I certainy disagree. Guns are not the reason we have violence, violence is caused by people and people alone. All of this gun violence the left talks about happens in places of high population, in the concrete jungles the left calls home. Most violent crimes are committed in cities my friends. Cities where the left insists on keeping the downtrodden down. VIolence caused by drug use, violence caused by targets of opportunity. See the low life criminals know that they are unlikely to meet up against another person with a gun in the city streets. The criminals prey on the weak and feable. There is less in rural areas because there is no such consideration. See the rural areas have guns and lots of them. Criminals are less likely to pick a target likely to have a gun for self defense. Only in the concrete jungles is the violence occurring. The concrete jungles where all the people live. WHy not ban people from living in close proximity to each other? That is just as ridiculous as banning guns. Banning guns is not the answer. The right to bear arms is fundamental and is a part of why we are the America we are. See the right to ber arms was not given so Americans could go hunting. Nope the right to bears arms was becasue the British government over the colonies tried to take guns away to avoid any civil disobedience. The British didn't want to be shot at while they treated the colonialists as subjects. The right to bear arms was important to be able to have an armed citizenry that could and would stand up to tyranny. It provided the means for the populous to defend itself. We as a culture have been raised on the right to self defense. We have the right to defend our self and property. We have the right to protect our populous and our communities. We have the right and responsibility to stand up and defend the rights of our country. The constitution says exactly that. It states explicitly no individual right to bear arms shall be infringed. The constitution explains perfectly why we should be able to have guns, any gun even those the may be used in warfare. WHy? Simply becasue it may become important for the citizenry to again stand up for itself against a tryanny. The first thing a tyrannical government wants to do is take away guns. That way there will be no impediment to the political elite from robbing a country's wealth. Every government that takes away gun rights also has a socialist government. Ever notice that? A paternal style government where the governmneet purports to be the purveyor of all things takes away individuals right such as the right to bear arms. Always remember folks "those that are willing to give up liberties for the sake of safety and security deserve neither." The second amendment was written simply becasue our founders recognized that an armed citizenry was important in the defense of this country. That is still true. We were raised on defending ourselves. Remember life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness area basics tenets of our nation. In order to have these tenets we must also be afforded the opportunity to defend them. I once swore an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. When the government starts taking away rights becasue the eltists believe the government alone should be the protector will quickly learn they are not protected at all.

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