Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Great Tax Heist

Sitting back I am laughing at the gullible progressive ill-informed voter. You know the ones that fell for the "tax the rich" scheme forwarded by Obama. The ones that believed Obama gave them a tax cut in his first term. The same ones that believed Obama would only tax the so called rich. Well, now as these gullible voters find their taxes did in fact increase and they are wondering what happened, they begin complaining. Well all I have to say to the uninformed is that this is what you voted for. First let me tell you, this increase in taxes was in fact necessary. This was a gimmick that robbed from the empty Social Security trust find. See this tax mirage pushed by Obama depleted the coffers of the trust fund. The trust fund run a deficit every year since 2009. Funny though because it wasn't supposed to be running deficits until 2017. The farce of the 2% reduction workers received for 2 years only worsened the problem at hand. My thoughts regarding this tax increase is not really the point though. The point is the uninformed believed Obama cut their taxes in the first term, and believed Obama would only raise taxes on the "rich" in a second term. This is what you voted for, a tax and spend liberal. No career politician will ever vote to really make necessary cuts in spending. That is really unpopular and may hinder their re-election prospects. So what we get is a system in which we hear about proposed cuts and budget slashing and fixing a tax system so it is "fair". The complicit media will push forward with their liberal beliefs that the rich should pay more, while ignoring the increased taxes on the middle class and poor necessary to run their welfare state. The budget cuts are not cuts at all but rather a reduction in the proposed growth of a program. A true cut would mean we would spend less money as a government next year then we spent this year. Instead we will only curb the growth. For example, say the Education Department was due to get a 5% increase in dollars. Now rather than give the department a full 5% increase they will only get a 4% increase. See this isn't a cut, it is a reduction in growth. This is a gimmick that the complicit media will call a cut, all the while knowing it is really an increase. Now over the weekend I read the gas prices are again increasing. The expectation is that yet again they will climb to a high this year around $3.95 a gallon. The complaints will start coming from the very same people that voted for this. The problem with energy prices will only get worse under this President and liberals in general. Already in Maryland, the State in which I live, the taxes at the pump have been increased to pay for road maintenance and upkeep. Now I am all for keeping up with maintenance and upkeep of the roads but the problem is that the only reason Maryland had to increase taxes on gasoline to pay for maintenance and upkeep was because they already spent the intended money for those projects on other things. Does anyone think it will be long before Obama increases gasoline taxes? After all, he constantly talks about "investments in infrastructure". That is code for more spending and more taxation requirements. My belief is energy is being kept at the 3.20-3.95 range for a couple of years to make us immune to these prices. We become accepting of these prices as normal so when in a year or two when the are over $4.00 it won't seem that bad. Remember the goal of liberals is to have "European type" prices. I wouldn't be surprised at all if by the end of Obama's second term gasoline prices are over $5.00 per gallon. This is what you voted for. See the gullible voted for higher taxes, higher spending, higher prices. They may not like the consequences and the liberal media complex will do their best to hide the culprits but the voters voted for this and this is what they are going to get whether they like it or not. I'll be laughing every day when I hear the complaints of the ever increasing tax necessities. It will hit everyone not just the rich. Obama will continue lying and the media will keep pushing these lies, but in the end Obama and his liberal buddies won nothing but a great tax heist victory. Just remember folks this is what you voted for. You voted to be voluntarily robbed.

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