Thursday, January 17, 2013


Liberals are framing the gun debate around the question of need. Liberty has nothing to do with need should be the rallying cry. There are many things people do not "need" but have simply because they want to. People don't need season tickets to their favorite sports team but they have them. People don't need have abortions. People don't need to assemble. People don't need to speak their minds. People don't need to have many of the rights that we enjoy. The question is not one of need, it is about liberty. It is about what should never be taken away simply because a few don't believe it is necessary. Is an assault weapon necessary or needed? Maybe, maybe not, is it necessary to have abortions? Is necessary to be able to burn the American flag? Obama and Biden are lying when they say the consensus is we must to something. Who is this consensus made with? Certainly not the American people where a majority oppose any more gun restrictions. This is a battle between the left elite and the common man. The elites don't believe guns are that important. The elites don't see their surroundings. They feel fairly safe in their concrete jungles and would feel even safer if there were no guns. The elites do not travel much outside of their comfort zone. They don't understand that much of anything outside their concrete jungle. The elites would not survive a year on main street. The common man wants to have rights. The common man wants to have their liberties. The left claims our founders weren't thinking of AK-47's when the wrote the constitution, that is true but they did at least explicitly protect the right to bears arms. The founders I am sure did not write the constitution with abortion in mind either but certainly somewhere it must have been implied. The bill of rights should be sacred to us. Can they be changed? Yes, do it the right way, get two thirds of Congress and 3/4 of the states to repeal the second amendment. Do it through the constitution. Stop exploiting our children for political gain.

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