Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's Free

Americans decided in November they wanted free stuff. They voted to keep their free "Obama phones". They voted to keep free investments in the future coming. They voted for free contraceptives and free health care. When Americans voted they sided with Obama's argument that all could be continued if only we taxed the rich some more. Americans love free stuff. What they don't realize is the old adage "freedom isn't free" and neither is the welfare state. Someone has to pay for the progressive welfare utopia and there simply isn't enough wealth in the country to pay for all this free stuff. We are broke as a country. The so called Social Security trust fund is empty. Even as the lying media scum try to sell the snake oil that the program is solvent until 2031. Really? Then why is it that since 2010, we have had to cash in the IOU's and either added to the deficit or it came out of the general fund? Please, I'd like an explanation from the lying media scum, why is it that we are going further in debt because of Social Security if it is a solvent program? This needs to be answered. See there is no such thing as free chicken. Someone has to pay for it. No matter if it is free abortifacients or free unemployment checks, or free phones. This isn't free. Our "entitlements" are not free either. Yes it is true Americans voted for the free stuff. The problem is those that voted for the free stuff also refuse to pay for anything. They live off the system at the expense of the successful. In a normal world we would call these programs as food for the parasites. Now, I am all for a safety net. But that is what is should be, a safety net and not a way of life. Social Security was never meant to be a replacement for saving for retirement. No one was promised they could live entirely off social security when they decided to retire. No one was promised a life of welfare. Come on people we are paying people to be out of work for almost two years. Let me tell you, if you are out of work for over two years it is going to be rough getting back into the workforce at much more than minimum wage jobs. Forget about the good paying middle class jobs, after being unemployed for so long you have very little marketable knowledge. When a person is out of work for that long, skills are lost. Skills are perishable and if they are not used they are forgotten. So why do we continue to pay unemployment for 99 weeks. Many will not even really think about making an earnest effort until it becomes close to the time they will lose all benefits, after all why give up the free stuff when they don't have to? Forget about becoming a nanny state or a welfare state, we are becoming a nation of parasites. A nation that expects everything and believes it should be free. We refuse to pay anything for our free stuff and only exact revenge on those that have been successful, if only the rich could pay a little more we could get more free stuff. Like any parasite, Americans are killing off their hosts. Soon there will be no rich to feed them, what will we do then?

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