Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Adult Conversations

The President has no right to exploit children for political gain. Just because he disagrees with the right to bear arms and believes his values are common sense values does not mean the rest of America believes the same. Just because the liberal circles have consensus that something should be dome about the right to bear arms does not mean we have a broad consensus. See if there was such broad consensus gun restrictions would be easy to pass. Funny thing to me is that the liberals that live in the city want to ban guns because of the violence in big cities. Maybe we should ban cities. Maybe we should ban people from gathering in groups of more than 3 people. See really people are the problem. Gathering in groups is a problem. Liberals want to ban inanimate objects but the problem is human behavior. Banning living in close proximity of each other would alleviate the problem with mass murders. Banning groups of more than three may would alleviate the same issue. So why is it that because of the bad behavior of a few we would punish the masses? Why is it that human behavior is a problem so the liberal answer is to take away the toys? The liberal race to the bottom concerning the Newtown massacre is appalling. Everything from a non citizen telling Americans that have lived and breathed the defense of the constitution that we should only be afforded the rights liberals want us to have. David Gregory played fast and lose with the DC law on the books. I wonder if he understands the crisis he started? For let me tell you, should I ever get arrested in Washington Dc for having a 30 round banana clip, I will use the David Gregory defense. See David Gregory didn't claim ignorance. David Gregory flaunted the law like a petulant child. Na na nanna look at me I am breaking the law as a point against a right he doesn't agree with. The Attorney General used his discretion in not prosecuting. See, the AG general said he didn't believe Gregory intended any harm. The was no intent to use the prop in an illegal manner. Well, let me tell you I have no intent to do anything illegal so when I happen to be breaking the speed limit law, I am going to demand it be thrown out because there was no intent? The problem with David Gregory is he broke the law to push his liberal viewpoint, yet refused to follow through on principle and accepting the punishment due for the crime. Rather than stand for principle the left leaning blowhard knew his family friend Attorney General would never prosecute such a respected liberal figure. The handling of the Gregory case shows there is no shame on the left. The laws only apply to the commoner and not the elitists. So either DC throws out there gun magazine ban because it is unenforceable or prove the elitists only care about themselves. Today the petulant children of the left tried to have an adult discussion using children as props. That is not the forum for adult conversations. Obama used the children to shield himself, to hide from his unpopular viewpoint. This is appalling. Stand up Obama and tell me why it is better that only criminals and tyrants are armed when the commoner is the one that requires protection from the thieves and tyrants. Obama tried to say we only have the right to bear arms as it applies to the right to assembly or the right to religion. That is not how the constitution is written but then lets look into his comment further. Somewhere in the constitution, it must protect the right to have an abortion. Roe V. Wade says so. So doesn't Obama's same rule apply? The right to an abortion can only be exercised as it applies to the freedom of religion? So if one has religious convictions then why would I have to pay for Sandra Fluke to have an abortion? To pay for her to have sex? To pay for her contraception? See the Obama logic and commonsense only work when the consensus is in regards to his beliefs and values. Leave the guns alone. Do I need an assault rifle today? Nope probably not. However, I can not tell what tomorrow will bring, nor what the next week of month may bring. I never know when an assault rifle may come in handy to protect my property, my home, and my rights. Does every woman that has an abortion really need an abortion? I was all for "commonsense" laws to protect the right to bears arms and yet promote responsibility. Up until very recently I could live with requiring, some type of registration. I could live with training requirements to be met before purchasing a gun. But the irresponsible left proved why that was just bad ideas with bad intent. See the press outed names and addresses of gun owners. The journalist were irresponsible and placed every resident in the two "outed" counties in jeopardy. Both the homes with and without guns. The homes with guns because people desiring to steal guns can now watch homes and figure out how to steal the guns from the law abiding. And the homes without because they become the soft targets of crime. The outing of the guns owners was nothing short of cowardly. The press may believe they are being cute but they are dangerous and need to be taught a lesson.

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