Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elections Have Consequences

As I sit back and reflect on this past election, I asked myself over and over again what it all means. My conclusions is that America has moved from a Center right country to a center left country. To me that is the only conclusion that can be drawn. There is nothing out there to suggest Obama should have been in this race let alone win it. Obama's voters turned out and Romney remained with approximately the same nuber of votes McCain received. The blame Bush campaign is still working and when I think about how that could be, I can only assume that Obama has been able to persuade the voters that we are a Nation of victims and only the leftward thinking big government approach will fix what ails us. However, in the end, all I have to remember is elections do have consequences. My solution for getting over an election of Obama to a second term is to just make sure I let everyone know when they are complaining about high gas prices, or being unable to heat their homes, or unable to hold a job, or unable to gain employment commensuarate with ones education, that this is what they voted for. Let the democrats and Obama have their way. Let the laws they have passed go into execution. Don't yeild on the fiscal cliff, this is the law of the land, and this is what the American people voted for. America has spoken, and they didn't speak of a desire to avoid the current track we are on, they voted for it to stay intact. America seems to want unemployment rolls to remain high. Americans seemed to say they didn't care that gas prices were high kepp them rising ever faster. Americans seemed to say to hell with the rule of law just allow them to do whatever it is they want and keep the government gifts coming. Americans didn't care that America in in debt more than it could ever repay. America didn't care that we lost our credit rating last year and voted to have it lowered again. Let in all of the illegal immigrants and watch the unions howl in anger as they lose their power. See the left is for anyone that will vote for them legal or illegal. Let cap and trade pass and watch the energy prices skyrocket. Let Obama fund green energy boondoggles as we have to turn of our AC and heat. For Americans voted for the health benefits, I'm hopjng that helps them keep warm. Let the electorate feel the pain they just voted for. Let elections have consequences. We need to start over as Washington can not fix itself. The problem is the only way to fix Washington is to let it implode and implode it will with the current laws. Let it happen, let the American voices be heard so that every American will come to know what it was they actually voted for. Next time someone hears an Obama voter complain about the high prices of all the necessities in life just give them a smile and isn't it wonderful, this is what we voted for.

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Anonymous said...

Lizard, been reading you since the 2008 primaries. I could not agree more. Dennis Miller said what I've been thinking the past few days the other night - America is like the proverbial alcoholic, who has to hit bottom before it wakes up. Maybe then conservatism will hold an appeal again. Until then - thanks for your thoughts.