Friday, September 21, 2012

MSNBC Factually Lies

Thomas Roberts of MSNBC factually lied today and then stated the lie was factually correct. Really? In November 2006, the Democrats won both Houses of Congress. Harry Reid was Senate Majority Leader and Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House. During the 2008 election, Democrats increased their number in both Houses. Thomas Roberts is correct in that there were several races that had to be determined in early 2009. That however did not change the fact that the Democrats had control of both Houses of Congress in early JAN 2009 and the Presidency as of 20 JAN. The Republicans did not come into power until JAN 2011 after the mid term elections were held in NOV 2010. According to the calendar Mr. Roberts that is a full two years. Now I think what Roberts is referring to is the filibuster proof Senate, which was only for a few months. But it doesn't take a filibuster proof Senate to have control, it only takes 51 Senators or 50 +the VP. So Mr. Roberts you are a liar. You know this was a lie and you stated it as fact. Your facts are wrong, no wonder the people that watch MSNBC are so misinformed and factually deficient. With bogus lies being spread who is to know.

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