Sunday, September 16, 2012

Media Pawns

The media is displaying their pawn cards. Knowing full well that Obama's Middle East policy is an unmitigated disaster the media is pushing hard that the story is about Mitt Romney's "gaffe" and an anti-Islamic video. Neither is correct and the media should be ashamed of themselves. We have public officials that need to resign including Susan Rice. Rice is lying when she says the attack in Libya was about a video. The attack in Benghazi was coordinated. How else to explain storming an embassy with RPG's? What does she expect us to believe that the spontaneous protesters decided "oh a protest let me grab my RPG? How ridiculous. This attack was an act of war. It was an attack on our sovereignty. It was coordinated and used the violent protest in Cairo to cover their tracks. There was warning at least three days prior to the attack. There is evidence that the attack back in August before the video was released. There is the curious diplomatic response that referenced the movie and apologized for the movie and the media would have us believe this was released prior to the attacks. Really? Then why isn't the media investigated why the embassy thought it so important to reference this movie if the embassy didn't either know of an attack or suspect an attack? I thought journalists were supposed to be curious? Seems they all believe in what CNN's Brown stated 4 years ago "A journalist shouldn't have to report both sides as long as they know what they are saying is true". Of course reporters must really believe the lying administration because that is how they report everything. Whatever this administration says is fact. No curiosity, no investigating, just report as fact. Well this is just wrong. The media knows this is damaging to Obama. So they will do anything but investigate and report. Our media pawns are content making this about anything other than the failed policies of this administration. Even Der Spiegel out of Germany knows this is damaging to the President that wants to believe he is the foreign policy President. The Pawns in the media need to start doing their jobs. They want to interject themselves into American politics but refuse to be objective. If the media refuses to be objective then they must go. I don't want the Governmental press releases to go unchallenged. That is why the press is supposed to be important, but if they refuse to do their jobs then they are even less important than that nagging dust mite. The media pawns are no longer relevant and I would say they haven't been since 2000, the year the media went all in trying to swing an election to their favored candidate.

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