Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Chicken Or The Egg

What came first the chicken or the egg? More importantly who came first the people or the government? To liberals like the President and Elizabeth Warren it is the government that came first and provided everything the people needed to become successful. Similar to Elizabeth Warren, Obama just last week stated that no one made it on their own. The entreprenuers didn't build there businesses through hard work, nope they somehow owe government for their success. Yet this country was founded on the ideals of freedom and liberty and not government and bureaucrats. In fact the first Government in the United States demanded a very weak government. Understand that liberals, our founding fathers understood that government is the cause of the downfall of society not the creator of society. This whole argument over businesses not being solely responsible for their innovative ideas is simply socialism at its core. Let me ask you this: Who and what started the "industrial revolution", the people or the government; private citizen or government bureaucats? I can tell you the main concept of the industrial revolution was the idea of "interchangeable parts" and the integral invention was the cotton gin. Eli Whitney, a private citizen, promoted the theory of interchangeable parts in gun manufacturing, and he also invented the cotton gin. Government had nothing to do with the innovation ideas of Eli Whitney. It wasn't the roads or the police, or the schools. It wasn't welfare, or medicare, or health care, or Social security. It wasn't public grants, or taxpayer money. Nope it was just a private citizen doing what Americans are famous for; he pulled himself up by the bootstraps, used his mind, and changed the country for the better. It was entreprenuers that set up shop on the banks of our rivers to cater to the farmers as we expanded our reaches past the Appalachians. It was the adventureous and courageous that found a way of life that increased the living conditions as we moved westward. Government was the result of the people socializing; it was not the catalyst for innovation. That my friends is the main problem with socialism. It is the main issue with the liberal thought process. See people are instintually competitive. Instintually, people seek out better and easier ways of doing what needs to be done. Government interferes with competition and in the end destroys the very social network it seeks to mold. Governments start wars; not the people. Governments have been the ruin of every civilization. Governments get out of control. It is government that once it takes over people's day to day lives end up ruining the lives of everyone. Governments become corrupt. Government continuously expand into areas of which have more to do with "self actualization" than it does improving a way of life. It is liberal guilt that creates the monster government that eats the society it is supposed to protect. It is the private individual that creates the ideas and concepts, it is the government that steals from the people to feed itself. The liberal idea that no one would be able to survive without government is a fable. All the governmetn does is take from the people. Now, as a society progresses there is a need to have a government administration of some sort. It only makes sense as communities grow there dollars are pooled for saftey and security. We don't want each individual meting out their own brand of justice. It makes sense to have a standing military, it makes sense to have a fire department. People don't even have an issue with having the government provide a safety net for the less fortunate. No one is advocating the abscence of government. However, government has no business telling me what products I have to purchase. Government should not be calling me a "freeloader" just because I make different choices than they would make. The government should not be picking the winners and losers. When government makes the decisions we are not a free society. That is not progressive, that is destructive. The competitve instincts are what make the people. Take away the the competitiveness and watch a society crumble. In this case the people come first; the government is the result. We the people need to reign in our government before the government reigns in we the people.

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