Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Roberts Punted; America Lost

The Chief Justice of the United States punted on the most important issue before the Court. Roberts became the swing vote that swayed the opinion to uphold Obamacare. Conservatives have been busy laying the tax issue at the feet of Democrats but the problem isn't about whether the individual mandate is a tax or a penalty. The issue is that this government is no longer ruling with the consent of the people. To me it makes no difference that the bill was upheld either as a penalty or a tax. See if it was a penalty the people will be compelled to submit to the wishes of government from the commerce clause. As a tax the people are compelled to submit to the will of the government due to a tax. Either way America's are being punished simply because they are Americans. Who cares if the act is simply a penalty or penalty tax? Is this not the same thing? See Americans are being punished one way or the other. Roberts did not save the Court, nor did he save himself. When the government is allowed to punish us; its citizens; to do as the government wishes, we are no longer the land of the free. Roberts made sure that we as Americans are servants to the government. No longer do we have any choices accept through the ballot box. President Obama already relegted the public to the sidelines with his comments of "we are going to pass legislation and then see what happens as that is what elections are for." It is a shame in America when the public is relegated to the sidelines. Now instead of having a government that passes laws good for the people, we have a government that passes laws to appease their special interet groups. Every time the government turns over along ideological lines we will have to repeal laws that were passed along ideological lines. Anything the government wants to mandate can now be done as long as it is passed with a punitive tax associated with the law. Either submit to the will of government or be taxed into submission. This is not what is meant by the phrase "Government by the consent of the people". This is no longer a Democracy or even a Democratic Republic. We now have a government that can pass anything they want as long as they attach a tax bill. We are no longer the land of the free but as land of servants; servants to the will of government. Our founding founders knew full well that government unconstrained would be a menace on the people. It took over two hundred years but the liberals in America succeeded in destroying the Republic. They made our government more powerful than the people and that is something our founding fathers attempted to prevent. What a shame that Roberts decided to punt on the issue at hand. Rather than stand against government overreach he stood for government tryanny.

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