Monday, July 16, 2012

Paper Cuts: The Obama Way

The Obama campaign attacks on Romney over Bain Capital and outsourcing is the big lie that is not going away. The Campaign feels lying is a good way to stir up controversy and concern over Mitt's work and wealth. Obama surrogates admit that the felon attack is over the top but refuse to apologize or even just take done the false and inaccurate ads. This is the Obama way. Obama always sets out to destroy the character of his opponents even though he says he abhors character assassination. Obama has no other means to cast a message. Obama's track record as President is that of a failed Presidency. Obama's policies are what is wrong with the economy. Obama's demonization of wealth is what is wrong with the economy. Obama's Tax more Spend more philosophy of Government is what is wrong ith the economy. Obama's steal from the rich and give to his wealthy contituents is what is wrong with the economy. Obama's outsourcing of stimiulus cash to foreign companies is what is wrong with this economy. Obama started his presidency off by attempting to play both ends against the middle. Obama and his Treasury Secretary, approved of large bonuses for execs of failed banks, yet Obama cried bloody murder when the public found out. Once the public found out that the failed bank execs were receiving large bonuses, Obama claimed ignorance (even though he and Geithner approve of the bonuses) and went on the airwaves telling the bankers that he was the only thing standing between them and the citizens with pitch forks. What Obama fails to understand is that you can't secretly pay off the wealthy and then publicly humiliate the wealthy. See the wealthy who invest in the country will reufse to make investments and then the workers will have no jobs, in which case everybody is upset with the President. Obama has taxed and spent America into oblivion. Obama claims to have cut taxes on the lowest 95% of income earners. What Obama doesn't say is that those cuts are hurting entitlement programs and the cuts are temporary at best. Another thing Obama fails to tell the peole is that Obamacare is nothing more than a large tax bill passed on to the future generation. Obama always claims the Republicnas won't work with him. The problem is that Obama and the democrats have refused to work with republicnas. Rather than find compromise Obama just wants capitulation. Republicnas have passed a budget, Republicans have passed jobs bills, Republicnas have agreed to tax increases as part of a compromise, yet the Democrats have passed none of these. Remember it was Obama that blew up the negotations last year on the debt ceiling increase. Obama and the Republicnas had a deal, the Presidnet decided to play politics instead of looking out for America, by wanting more in the form of taxes with the same amount of cuts. Remember it is Obama with the trillion dollar annual deficits and not the Republicans. Paul Krugman can state the stimulus wasn't large enough. I'd tell Paul Krugman to look at the facts. The fact is that the temporary stimulus became the new government spending baseline. So we have in fact had billions of dollars annually dumped into the economy by the government. We spend $900 billion annually more today than we did in 2008. Now the $800 billion stimulus is just part of the annual spending baseline. Any cuts Obama agrees to in the budget are never really cuts. All the so clled cuts are only a slowdown of growth rather than an actual cut. Its a paper cut only, but America is dying from the 1000 paper cuts Obama has inflicted on our economy. Obama sent cash from the stimulus bill to foreign companies. In an effort to save a handful of jobs here, Obama sent tax dollars to countries like Finland saving Fisker employee jobs in Finland in large numbers to save a handful in our own country. Why one might ask? Well because the Green industry is a big backer of Obama and it doesn't matter where the money goes as long as Obama continues receiving his cut. This is outsourcing in the worst of times. Rather than spend money on companies and products in the US to create US jobs, Obama created jobs overseas to save a few here. The job creation Obama created is not in America. Obama created bankruptcies in America while created jobs overseas. Than Obama has the audacity to say only he knows how the bigger economy works. Obama is attempting to make hay with the Bain capital attacks. He is lying in his ads and his surrogates are making false charges. The media is falling for it by asking Mitt about outsourcing while leaving the Presidnet alone about his outsourcing. The media is trying to ask if it is reasonable line of questioning towards Mitt and private equity but won't dare ask Obama about his public equity firm. Obama would rather have people receive an income for a made up job than having people work in real jobs delivering real satisfaction. Rather than allow businesses make a profit so they can expand and create jobs, Obama wants their money to give to non producers. This will create no jobs and create a larger government dependency. Want proof jut listen to Nancy Pelosi and her comments about Unemployemnt compensation and how that is the great engine that can deliver us from the depths of this recession. Just listen to Obama who says all that matters is an ever expanding government. No one could make it without government so why not have even more government. Talk of fairness and equality from the Democrats is nothign more than Socialist thinking. There is no fairness in taking from a few to give tot he many. Their is no fairness is robbing people of their wealth to redistribute to the non producers. Robin Hood may be portrayed as a hero but the fact remains he is nothing more than a thief. America is dying of 1000 paper cuts. We are losing our freedoms and liberty for the sake of government intervention. We are no longer free to make our choices. The government makes them for us. The government decides what we need to spend money on. In Obama's case it is more policeman when we have low crime rates, it is more teachers when we have failing schools, it is more roads for less traffic. Obama only sees government as the solution. The problem is government is usually the problem. I am not advocating for no government, what I am advocating is for government to provide a helping hand rather giving handouts to constituents. I am for the government providing a safety net but not a government that tells me what is best. Obama and the Democrats believe they are smarter than the rest of us. I can tell they are not. They just want power and are willing to kill America to retain their power. Obama has the Robin Hood syndrome. Obama wants to steal money from the productive and give to the non productive. Look at health care, Obama needs the young and healthy to pay his tax so that insurance for the elderly is held lower simply because the pool is larger. The funny thing is though, Obama then instituted a Death panel to decide what is acceptable in health care depending on the productivity of the elderly. If your grnadmother is 85 and in poor health there may be no hip replacement surgery for her because some bureaucrat will decide your grandmother isn't worthy of the money required to be spent. Instead of making family decisions Obama has taken that away from the people because he knows whats best. Obama talks about tax fairness. What he forgets is life is competitive and never fair. Instead of leveling the playing field and making opportunities for all, Obama has decided that the best way to equality is to not keep score, that way everybody wins on paper. Obama even claims no one could have made it without Government. That is not the point. No one is saying abolish government, what we are saying is that government needs to be reigned in. Obama wants a nanny state where the government is responsible for all. Republicans want a free State wher individuals are held responsible. We all want help; what we don't want is a handout.

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