Friday, July 27, 2012

Gun Control

The Aurora, Colorado, theater massacre is another horrific incident where there was needless loss of life. In the immediate aftermath, the liberals including the biased media pawns, began clamoring for more "commonsense" gun control laws. Rather than sit back and reflect on what may have driven this maniac to murder innocent movie goers, the press immediately pounced to drive their own liberal view points. The media attempted in vain to tie this nutcase to the tea party activists. See the left and the media pawns believe the tea party is violent, even though there has been more violence in the form of rapes and murders from the leftist "occupy" movement. The media pawns have no real incidents of violence that can be tied to the tea party so they attempt in vain to tie every maniac to the tea party. The media pawns and the liberal politicians believe that the problem is guns. Obama made a quip that AK-47's belong in the hands of soldiers. The problem is the nutcase wasn't using an AK-47. The media blames Bush and the right because they eased the Assault eeapons ban. The left believes there would be no violence if we could just rid ourselves of the pesky right we have to bear arms. In this case, would these people be alive had we banned all guns? The left would say yes. The problem is the guns were just one vehicle the maniac could have used. This was a nutcase. The assault was intricately planned. The house the crazy lived in was booby trapped with over a dozen explosive devices. The madman believes he is the Joker from the Batman comic books. Does anyone really believe this crazed man would not have found another means to kill his victims? The evidence is clear, this man was going to kill people. If he didn't have the guns he would have used something else, like maybe explosives where many more may have become needless victims. The problem here wasn't the guns. Even if we had European style guns laws, this event would have happend. I don't here the media or the liberals clamoring for restrictions on movie content, or comic book content. In this case there are direct links to the violence to the entertainment business and not the gun business. Yet the left can only see superficially that guns were involved; they must be blamed. The left went off whined like spoiled brats. See the left doesn't believe in guns so they fail to look even further. The bottom line is this: further limiting our right to bear arms through gun control will only keep the guns out of the hands of law abiding people. See the criminals and madmen will still have guns and we will reside in an even more violent society where the criminals and crazies have the upper hand. Gun control does nothing to resolve the issues. The issues is that this madmen was able to get explosive devices and figure out how to booby trap his residence and not be detected. If more people and States had more open carry laws the carnage this guy created could have been minimized.

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