Saturday, June 16, 2012


President Obama is currently in desperation mode. Rather than lead the country, everything he is doing is political. Now I understand the President has to run a campaign for his last election ever but what he is doing politically today is ruining the country for tomorrow. The administration has leaked classified information to make the President look strong on Foreign policy. The Administration sent out Biden to say he was personally for Gay marriage rights forcing Obama to evolve. Now we have Obama saying he won't deport illegal aliens. All of these are political calculations intended for one purpose only; Get Obama re-elected. Let's take the immunity issue. We all know Obama is desperate to maintain or even increase his share of the Hispanic vote. This immunity really came out of no where. It was a surprise to everyone when it was announced. It came on the heels of his latest recycled economic speech. Right after that speech fell flat and Obama realized that people were simply not going to listen to his same old recycled pitches he comes up with immunity? Obama will do anything to change the subject from his failed economic policies. Sure Obama has been attempting immigration reform since he has been President, but doing this executive order now is nothing more than making legislation from the executive office. This changes our laws that are on the books. Obama is in charge of enforcing and executing the laws of the land and not making the laws. This power grab is Obama believing he is King that is able to decree whatever he desires. I do believe there needs to be an adult conversation on dealing with illegal immigration. Obama made it much more difficult to to have that adult conversation in his thinly veiled attempt to buy the Hispanic vote. Now look at the Gay marriage support. The Obama media complex spun this as Biden opening his mouth and forcing the President to 'Evolve'. Really; that's what the Obama media complex believes? Come on Obama sent Biden out there to float the idea. Obama needed to do something to get his base behind him. Obama knows the base is deserting him and he needed something to at least get them back on board. This little charade may get the base reluctantly involved but it has not done anything to get them excited. The leaks are criminal and whoever is responsible needs to be prosecuted. Selling out our informant on the Bin Laden raid is treasonous. Our informant is now in a Pakistani prison from which he will in all likelihood die. Obama is trying to show how tough he is in making "a kill list". Really that is what we want? A cowboy making a game out of killing people? The killing of terrorists is no game and I can't believe the left is allowing Obama to make it a game and than defend it as being a tough leader. I thought it was the right that was supposed to be heartless? The media complex and the left best get their story straight. Either you are a shrill for human rights or you are not. If you are a shrill for human rights than get on Obama for making a game out of killing people. If you are not a shrill than apologize for your actions against Bush and start at least being balanced in your reporting regarding the defense of our nation against future terrorist attacks. Wikileaks is bad enough but to have a Presidnet leaking information for political gain that will get Americans killed is criminal. This President is desperate; let there be no doubt. These recent actions are political in nature. The actions listed are borderline criminal and have but one intent; Get Obama re-elected. Obama knows he needs to get the narrative back. The problem is he can't talk about the economy and jobs because he has been such a miserable failure.

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