Monday, May 14, 2012

How Soon They Forget

Paul begala for all his bluster must not have a very good memory. Today the mouth piece of the left is found complaining about the loss of Dick Lugar in the Republican nomination process for Indiana Senator. Begala claims the right has moved so far to the extreme that there is no room for compromise in the center. To Begala it is the fault of the right that there is no compromise. In using Dick Lugar as his example of that shining moderate that was forced out of the Senate by hi Party's voters, Begala conveniently forgets that the left also culls its candidates on ideological lines. See I never saw a former VP candidate on the right pushed out of the party by the extremists in the party. Wasn't it the Democrats that forced out Joe Lieberman? Oh yeah people like Begala like to forget that the Connecticut Democrat voters voted out Lieberman in their own primary in 2006, just 6 years after Lieberman was on the Democrat National Ticket for VP. See Ned Lamont beat Joe in the primary because well he compromised too much. Joe was a moderate that just could not be tolerated. Now begala must have forgotten the Democrats eating their own. Why did they convenently forget? Well because Joe was able to win as an independent after losing the nomination. See what Begala likes to ignore is the Demcorts tried to eat their own and failed. Lamont failed to win after securing the nomination and Joe is still a Senator. So please Mr. Begala don't preach to the right about compromise. Please don't claim that the right is extreme. Wasn't it Obama who jammed the ill fated bailout down our throats with the Statement "because I won"? Wasn't it Obama who once rammed through what is likely an unconstitutional health care law with the statement "elections have consequences"? Wasn't it the Demcorats who primaried Ned Lamont against the former Vice Pr3esidential Nominee? Wasn't it the democrats that primaried Banche Lincoln from the left? Stop the nonesense Begala, it is the left that is extreme. We are a center right country ideologically. The socialist democrats long ago took over your party. It is the democrats that are extreme and unwilling to compromise. Republicans are the only ones pushing ideas for the economy. The Democrats push gimmicks and feel good messages that have no prayer of being enacted. When you have an alternative idea why not have the Democrat controlled Senate pass a budget so it can be reconciled with the house version already passed? Stop whining Begala, it is your party that has forgotten the moderates and left the country behind. Please Mr. Begala, Who placed their party before the country? Certainly appears the Democrats are much more guilty than the Republicans.

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