Monday, April 2, 2012

We Need An Energy Plan

America is in dire need of an energy plan that will reduce the price at the pump, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and expand our infrastructure to produce energy. The media right now is busy touting that the President can't reuce the price at the pump as that is out of his control. Never mind that the same media types in 2008 showed the sitting President no such deference. The Current President claims he is an "all of the above" candidate. However a look into his policies and we see a President only interested in one avenue and that is the green avenue.

The President is disinterested in drilling our own resources. Rather than expand off shore drilling or opening up ANWR for more exploration, the President uses numbers to deceive the public. Obama claims wew only have 2% of the World's reserves. That is deceiving as the number only includes known reserves and not what further exploring and research could produce. There are estimates that the amount of oil we possess is as large if not larger than what Suadi Arabia possesses. Perhaps if we didn't have a Presidnet bent on destroying our oil industry we could have a policy that allowed us to be a major oil exporter and allow us to have a say in the price for oil. I can tell you that in Suadi Arabia they are not paying $4.00 for a gallon of gasoline.

The Presidnet is disinterested in the coal industry. Obama has his EPA freaks out writing regulations that are forcing plants to close and forcing companies to lay off middle income workers. Obama has no plan to offset the loss of energy producing coal plants he just wants them closed. Obama's only answer is to invest in his crony capitalists Solar companies that are going bankrupt right and left leaving the taxpayer holding the bag in Obama's failed endeavors. At least Obama could allow the coal plants to remian open and opertional until we had something developed to replace the coal fired plants. Obama may himself not be able to lower the price we pay for energy but he could stop the prices from ever increasing.

Obama is disinterested in Nuclear technology. Obama isn't out there harnessing the power that nuclear plants could produce. See it is too dangerous on the environment. Jeez what if something happened like the Tsunami in Japan? We would be in great danger if we had a meltdown. Nope we can't go nuclear but we can invest in electric cars. Of course the electric cars take a power plant that produces electricity to recharge the batteries but we won't mention that because it won't be fossil fuels directly.

The bottom line is we need a comprehensive energy plan; one that incudes an "all of the above" strategy. We don't need a President claiming an "all of the above" campaign slogan that is more like we want an all of the above strategy unless it includes drilling, nuclear, coal, or shale. When the Presidnet is out there hailing algae over our own resources we know he has no plan other than to continue wasting tax payer dollars.

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