Monday, April 16, 2012

Raising Children Is A Career

Let's all face reality, staying at home and raising children is a full time job. It takes 20-25 years years to raise a family from birth through college and on to financial stabilty. Ensuring kids are able to participate in various activities, the stay at home mom must juggle the calendar and balance the books. It is the moms of the world that make sure there is a next generation. It is through being at home with the children that family values are passed on to the next generation. Rather than have society raise our children, stay at home moms rasie their own children. Yes raising a family and forsaking a corporate career is a choice but raising a family is hard work and a career and all for no income.

The left attacked stay at home mothers because of the choices and committments they made. See the decision to have a family has far reaching implications. Children don't raise themselves. Children will pick up on most of the things in their environment, so who do we want raising our children: the streets or parents? I don't want public schools teaching my children things that I should be teaching. I want my children to share my values, my morals, and my ethics. I don't want my children to grow up thinking the government owes them something. I don't want my children growing up thinking the only beliefs that matter are the school teachers belief and values.

I for one do not hold anything against the women that want a corporate career. That is the choice they make. However, criticizing mothers that do stay at home to honor their committment to family is also important.The left knows they made a mistake in criticiizng Ann Romney as never having to work. So the left rather than admit the mistake doubled down. Many in the media are busy pushing the meme that raising children is not a career. The Daily Beast and Politico to name a few. See the liberal media knows that the Hilary Rosen attack was supposed to show how out of touch Romney was because of the wealth he earned. The problem is they attacked mothers for the choices they made.

See Tara McGuiness from "Politiico" uses numbers without background to push the meme that working outside the home is not a choice to many. The problem is her numbers only say how many women work outside of the home. She doesn't delve in to see how many actually are actually required to work to make ends meet. In my own family there was only one breadwinner while the other stayed at home. Certainly there were sacrifices that had to be made but never did anyone in my family ever go to bed hungry. My children didn't have the luxury of having every new toy that came out or all of the latest fashion. We didn't eat out or go to the movies very often but we made a living and raised a family. Now my children are grown and mostly through college of which we were able to pay out of our own pockets. We started out below the poverty line but never took handouts. As the bread winners career sproutng eventually family income rose above the poverty line to where we are now which is middle class and above the median income of the US. So it can be done, it all depends on what is more important: the material things and a career outside the home or a family and a career rasing children. Now to be sure if the left thinks raising children is not a full time career, I would suggest they go visit a day care center and come back and tell me there are no full time employees in these centers.

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