Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pro Choice

The left and Democrats are the people waging war on women. Left wing politcal activist, Hilary Rosen, went on "Anderson Cooper 360" yesterday and made the claim that Ann ROmney couldn't possibly advise her husband on woman's issues because "she has never worked a day in her life". So here we have an advocate for women's issues belittling the choices woman have to make in their life. Sorry Hilary, but what you said about Ann is an attack on women that don't agree with you or make the same choices that you did.

Hilary says "But most young American women HAVE to BOTH earn a living AND raise children." Is that really true? Most young women? I would say that is simply not true. Working or not working while raising children is a choice most of the time. I would think the exception may be single mothers. Other than in the case of single mothers the rest is all about choices.

See people make the choice of career versus raising children. I have no issues with those choices. Some will choose to stay at home and raise their own children rather than have institutional day care upbringings. To the left the only choices that are really allowed are the ones they made. Women should choose careers over family. Women should chose to abort babies rather than raise a family. Really what she is saying is sure we need women to have a choice but all we really want is for women to make the same choices she obviously did.

Let me tell you, my family made a conscious decision to have a stay at home mom. Together we decided it would be far better to raise our own chldren rather than have some else spend more time with them than we did as there parents. We made sacrifices and couldn't purchase all of the materialistic toys we wanted but we certainly put food on the table and had some left over for a few of the toys we wanted. Our children are better for it. They are more prepared to deal with idiots like Ms. Rosen who claim to be advocates for women than turn around and belittle them. Does Hilary really think it is not a full time job to raise children? Then why does it cost so damn much for child care centers?Does Hilary believe that just because women don't work outside the home, then they couldn't possibly know what economic issues women are facing? I would venture a gues that stay at home mom's understnd the economic issues far better than a career driven political activist. See the stay at home mother's have far less income than they would if they worked. Stay at home moms have to balance the books with less money and still work hard raising the children.

I am pro choice. The left isn't. See the difference between the left and the right is this: The left claims they want the freedom of choice but only see one side of the story. The right is about freedom and understands that a choice implies at least two different alternatives. This so called war on women is the left's war agianst them and not the right's. Rosen is a self centered elitist. She believes in choice as long as it is the same choice she would make. The left is about their own rights, the right is concerned with everyone's rights. The right believes in individual freedom, the left only believes in the freedom of government to impose its will on the people.

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