Monday, April 9, 2012

The Obama Administration Never Takes Responsibility

The Obama administration never takes responsibility for anything. Sure they like to take credit for everything that is good news but never responsibility for anything bad that happens. Last week a scathing Inspector General report came out oncerning a wasteful spending conference held by the General Service Agency. This waste cost tax payer over $800,000. This was a 28% increase from two years earlier. The conference was held in Las Vegas, even after Obama himself told businesses that they shouldn't be in Vegas for any conferences because of the negative perceptions of the city. Now instead of coming out and taking responsibility the administration blames the whole fiasco on Bush.

The administration said the cost of the GSA conference went up dramatically under Bush. Additionally the adminsitration claims "at least they have taken bold, swift, and forceful action". The problem is they didn't take bold, swift, and forceful action. The administration knew about this since 2010 and now it is almost two years later before we the people hear about it. Does that sound swift to you? As far as being bold and forceful, well people did get fired but not until after the scathing report by the IG. Two years after the fact, the administration takes action in a face saving effort not because of the feeling of obligation to the tax payers. This is the same adminsitration that can't find budget cuts and must rely upon huge tax increases and small reductions in planned growth in oder to get our deficit spending to under a trillion dollars a year. This is the same administration that won't accept responsibility for operation fast and furious. This is the same administration that is blaming republicans for the poor performing economy. Everywhere one turns it is someone else's fault.

Now is the time to send this administration a message; we are tired of your failures, tired of your poor leadership, and tired of a poor economy. We don't want your tax increases unless spending is truly cut. Don't just cut growth of the budget expenditures, we want cuts. For a change, let's spend less money next year than we did this year. It can be done, inflation has not grown much in the down economy, yet our budget has increased almost 30%. Cut spending and make government leaner and more efficient, then ask for tax increases if we are still runinning deficits. I'll give that the economy was in the tank when Obama took office. The problem isn't that the economy was in the tank in 2008, the problem is that it is still in the tank in 2012. I'll even give the adminsitration some credit and say some of the 2009 deficit is Bush's issue. However, the budget never decreased back to where we were at in 2009 and won't be ever again. This is a shame that the President can't see that his policies have failed America and we will never grow our selves out of trillion dollar deficits, nor will wwe be able to tax our way out of the deficits. We need bold action not a passing of the blame. In the case of this conference by GSa it is Obam's fault, it happened 2 years after Bush left office. Take responsibility and explain to the American people why exactly a tax increase is so necessary when tax dollars are readily being wasted.

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