Monday, April 2, 2012

A Media Jump To Judgment

Fox News and Newsbusters just exposed NBC for being the pathetic pawns we all knew they were. Rather than investigate and report on facts it seems NBC creatively edited the 911 call made by George Zimmerman to fan the flames of racism. Rather than report that Zimmerman was asked for the race of the person Zimmerman was reporting as up to no good, NBC attempts to deceive the public into believing it was Zimmerman that was out there racial profiling. It was NBC that had Zimmerman volunterring that Trayvon Martin's race was black and not that the dispatcher actually inquired about race.

Now let's be clear, it is a tragedy that Trayvon Martin was killed. However, this was not a murder as was pushed by the New Black Panther Party. We don't know yet whether or not Zimmerman should be charged with manslaughter or not. There is evidence that Trayvon may have instigated the fight that led to his death. From personal experience with "kids" on the local street corner I can telll you they are rude and obstinate. The kids believe they own the streets and are not subject to common courtesy. We don't know if Trayvon confronted Zimmerman for following him or not. We do know that Zimmerman called 911 and reported suspicious behavior by a person he did not recognize as being from the neighborhood. We do know that Trayvon had a history of of being confrontational and involved in drug use. He was just suspended from his school for having a "baggy" with marijuana residue. We know something wnet horribly wrong and that a fight between Trayvon and Zimmerman ensued.

We need the media to stop fanning the flames of racism and start investigating the facts. Did Zimmerman initiate the confrontation or did Trayvon? Did Zimmerman, defend himself becasue or having his nose broken and head slammed against the ground or not? Was Trayvon the upstanding child the left wants us to belive or was he a thug as described by Zimmerman? Do we as a nation want people to be bystanders watching violence to happen or do we want neighborhood watch groups? See neighborhood watch groups are going to target individuals that look suspicious. Neighborhood watch groups are going to use racial profiling when determining if soemone appears suspicious or not; that is what they do, they look for the things that stand out and are out of the ordinary. We already know that the police and fire departments have no obligation to protect individuals when danger persists. DO we really want a nation of lawlessness? A country where we have to be so politically correct that we can't protect our neighborhood's? A country where the citizens pacifly watch violence and hope it doesn't happen to them? The media has to become so much more the the pathetic pawns of the political left.

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