Friday, April 13, 2012


President Obama weighed in on the Family moms issue yesterday. Instead of taking the high road with the rest of his own campaign and denounce Hilary Rosen's ill advised attack on stay at home moms, Obama decided to double down and retort "Michelle didn't have the luxury of staying at home and raising his children". My question is what is meant by luxury?

Wasn't it luxurious to purchase a million dollar home Hyde park? How about the additional money to purchase a little extra land from Tony Rezco? How about sending his children to private school versus public schools? Are the the luxuries Obama is speaking about? I mean he certainly didn't want to give up any of his luxuries to rasie children. That of course would have been a punishment for having children. Rather than make a conscious decision to raise a family, Obama instead wanted a life of luxury. Instead of focusing on the committment to raise a family, it was Obama that decided it was a good idea to have Michelle work as well as him so they didn't have to give up anything. Anything that is witht he exception of raising his own kids.

I say that because when both parents work, someone else is raising your children. it is someone else that is providing nurturing for a greater amount of time in a child's life. Obama didn't have the luxury of making the chioce with Michelle to be a stay at home mom because he was a self centered, materialistic person that refused to give up some of his luxuries to raise a family. See there is not much a of a decision here. Many middle class families make the conscious decision to raise a family and have stay at home mom's. Certainly my family did just that in the 1990's and family income was less than $40,000 per year. I didn't have the luxury to pal around with the likes of Bill Ayers. I didn't have the luxury of dealing with the Tony Rezco's of the world. I didn't have the luxury of voting present. But what I did have was a family of my own. One raised by both parents, one of which was a stay at home mom. My family gave up on some of the materialistic luxuries to gain the luxury of family love. I wonder who is more out of touch? Ann Romney who raised 5 children or Barack Obama who paid others to raise his children while he was busy playing golf? Bottom line is Obama had plenty of time and luxuries, all at the expense of a family.

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