Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Amazing: That's Obama's Defense???

Obama's defense of his health care plan is simply amazing. Originally, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, mentioned such things as "of course it constitutional", "You have to read it to find out what's in it", "are you kidding me", and "well, that's what elections are for". Then these partisan hacks jammed the bill down our throats along partisan lines. Now Obama is begging the Supreme Court not to throw out his partisan bill because of the large majorities in which it passed, and oh by the way the Suprmemes are unelected.

Let's take apart Obama's arguments from yesterday. One this monstrosity of a bill passed by the slimmest of margins in the house. The bill passed solely by a partisan vote by only a few votes (219-212). The only thing bi-partisan was the vote against the bill. I'm sorry Mr. President but this is not a large majority. Secondly, while it is correct that the Supreme Court is not elected but that is by design. In case the President is unaware, it is the job of the Supremes to strike down unconstitutional laws. Isn't it the Supreme Court that struck down Abortion laws in ROE v Wade? Wasn't it the Supreme Court that struck down "death penalty" laws in the 1970"s? So sorry Mr. President but striking down unconstitutional laws is not unprecented. It is not judicial activism when a Justice applies the words of the constitution to laws. it is judicial activism when a Justice places words in the Consitution that are not there. For instance, ruling that burning the flag in protest is "freedom of speech". I am not sure what speech burning the flag pertains to but it has to be non verbal. The facts are this abomination of a law did not pass by large majorities of elected officials and the Supreme's have the responsibility to interpret the Constitution and apply that interpretation to the laws. This is not unprecendented.

What we know is that the initial vote by the Supreme's must have leaked and Obama knows he is a loser. This is not as partisan as the media will make it out to be as I foresee either a 5-4 to 6-3 decision. Even Justice Stephens seems aghast that the federal government is able to threaten State's with withholding State's own dollars to pay for medicare expansion. The bottom line is a majority disliked the law to begin with, a majority of the people still disagree with the law, a majority of the States have sued the Federal Government over the law, and even a majority of people that agree with the law itself agree that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. As Joe Biden siad " this is a big Effing deal". I am sorry Mr. President, but the Supreme Court is an equal branch of government and has a responsibility. Your Obamacare Law is still as unpopular as it was when you had Pelosi and Reid jam it down our throats, and no it did not pass with large majorities. It passed by slimmest majorities on final passage in both the House and the Senate. You had a large majority in the House andn a filibuster proof Senate and you still had to use rules gimmicks in order to pass this ill fated bill. Just remember, it was the Democrats who wanted to deem this monstrosity passed without even holding a floor vote because it was so unpopular. Also the Senate had to deem it a spending bill in order to pass on a simple majority. Additionally, while the Cornhusker kickback was removed other gimmicks to get the votes of Mary Landreui were not. If this is your defense Mr. President, then your law deserves to perish into the dust bin of history. Your only significant accomplishment should be found unconstitutional.

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