Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trayvon Martin: A Lesson On Civic Responsibility

Tragically, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed. This was a senseless death, the result of a confrontation with a neighborhood watch. No charges were brought against the hispanic neighborhood watchman. George Zimmerman by engaging in his civic duty, is now the poster child for race relations in this country. Louis Farrakhan has issued a tweet stating oon there would be soon an answer through the law of retaliation. The Presidnet belives incredibly the issue is about him as he remarked that if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon. Jesse Jackson is out there spouting that "blacks are under attack". The New Black Panter Party has "Wanted Dead or Alive" posters out for George Zimmerman. All of these race baiters are out there making an issue of race and somehow incredulously the media is blaming Rush and the Koch brothers for the violence.

To me all of these folks are missing the point. The point is this was a senseless death. George Zimmerman called the police and reported a suspicious individual. From eye witness accounts George was screaming for help. We are not sure who initiated the confrontation. Was it Trayvon feeling he was being watched for no reason or was it George who thought he had a burglar he was watching. This we are not sure. The police did not charge Zimmerman because at least initially it appears there is no contrary evidence to George's story that Trayvon confronted him and George defended himself. This appears to be a tragedy caused by the race baiters in this country and no one else.

See when the rce baiters use this example of violence directed towards Blacks and ignore the violence associated with Blaacks we have an issue. Where is Jesse, Obama, Farrakhan, and Sharpton speaking out against the Black on trial for robbing and killing two British tourists in Florida? See there is a stereotype in this country. It may be wrong but when violent behavior by Blacks is ignored because it is inconvenient or would provide credecne to the steretype that Balcks commit crimes, well then we are missing the issue at hand. Pushing race relations from the myoptic viewpoint of the race baiters will never work. If we want better race relations we need to speak out about everything related to race relations. When Balcks committ violent crimes the race baiters need to speak out and tell their listeners that violent behavior shines a poor light on everyone.

Only by having credibility on race will we be enabled to move away from race baiting and towards a harmonious society. Even the media had to get on board with the race baiting. Not only was George Zimmerman a hispanic, he was a white hispanic according to the media. These reports are about making race an issue where really race should never had been an issue. This is a tragedy. An investigation must be conducted to get all of the facts. I think we will find that this had very little to do with the races of Trayvon or George and more to do with a society unable to get past its poor race relations. We need leaders that speak out against all violent crime wheter when it comes to the races. We need people to break the stereo types not people that use the stereotypes to push a onesided agenda. The left perpetuates the stereo types to scream about injustices but forget that sometimes racial profiling maybe accurate. In order to get past this dilema we must have leaders that change the stereo type. The leaders must speak out for and against injustices that occur and change the stereotype. The problem is if the left didn't see a rcist behind every tree, if the left didn't have the stereotype to hype, then race relations would be fine and they would be out of a job. What should be taken from this tragedy is that leaders have a civic responsibilty to break down the stereotypes and not build them up. We should be taking the lesson of civic responsibility and not a lesson of race baiting. This was a senseless death, there is no need to make this about race relations as it has very little to do with race. Trayvon was a stranger in aneighborhood. Trayvon was acting suspicious in the eyes of the Neighborhood watch. Where is the race issue?

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