Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seriously? Just How Low Will the Media Stoop?

Today on Yahoo Finance, two clowns showed just how low the pathetic pawns in the media will stoop to push their failed chosen Presidential candidate. These two clowns must think the American people are idiots. Rather than come out with the truth and inform people that rising gas prices will have a negative effect on the economy, they stated that the high gas prices could be easily absorbed by the economy. Really? That is what the media is going with? Gas prices are higher today than they have ever been at this time of the year. The economy grew last year at under 2% last year. Unemployment is still over 8%. Job creation is under 300,000 per month. Europe is still in a mess. Iran is belligerent as ever. Yet these two clowns proclaim the rising gas prices won't have a dramatic effect on the economy.

First let's take what these pathetic pawns say at face value. Perhaps the balance books are in better shape today than there were in 2008. Perhaps even technology has increased our miles per gallon as people downsized their SUV's and a few more energy efficient cars have been sold. The economy probably won't go into free fall with the rising gas prices but is that really what these clowns are saying? Are they trying to tell people to brace themselves for a fall? No they are trying to say it will be barely noticeable. These clowns are trying to say we have such a robust economy that we will barely even notice. Sorry but the only way we wouldn't really notice is if the economy was growing at 4-5% a year.

Pump prices are on track to break records by peak season. The expectation is for gasoline prices to rise another 60 cents or so a gallon. Did these clowns miss last summer? As the gasoline prices approached $4.00 per gallon the economy almost shut down. Growth was anemic at under 1% a Quarter when the fuel prices rose. People will drive even less as prices rise. This will have a chain reaction as people tighten their belts. Businesses still licking their wounds from the last recession are not in position to bear the brunt of the burden of rising costs. As these costs are passed on to consumers inflation will rise. So not only will the dollar buy less that will cause fuel prices to rise even further. We have seen again and again that there is a point where the gasoline prices can't exceed without shutting the economy down. That point appears to be around $4.00 per gallon.

This mantra from the pathetic pawns is entirely new. In 2008, the media blamed the high fuel costs on Bush and made sure everyone knew that the high prices would doom the economy. The pathetic pawns wanted the economy to fail in 2008 in order to ensure their chosen candidate won. Now 4 years later under similar circumstances these same clowns have changed their tune. Sorry but the pathetic pawns are being dishonest.

I wonder who these clowns think will be unaffected. They make claims about light rail and mass transit. Yet that only helps the liberal elite that live in the concrete jungles. The urban poor may not notice either as they don't have the same necessity to drive that the middle class living in suburbia or rural America does. See these high gasoline prices will only really hurt the middle class. Obama gives hugh incentives for energy efficient cars but the only people that can afford them are in the top 5 % of Americans. The middle class do not live in the concrete jungles. Work is not with in walking distance, and mass transit is limited or doesn't exist. Sure Walmart and UPs may have more fuel efficient vehicles but farmers that produce food don't have more fuel efficient tractors. Sure the elitists can drive their fuel efficient cars to the grocery store, but the store clerks eking out a living have clunkers while earning a gallon of gas per hour. Many of these clerks will have to work 1.5 to 2.0 hours just to pay for the gasoline required for the privilege to have a job. The high price of fuel is going to be a drag on the economy whether these two idiots want you to believe it or not.

This is a cover for the radical ideas of the liberal left. The gasoline prices have doubled under this President and many Americans have adjusted their lifestyles to meet the challenge. The problem is we want to do more than barely make enough to pay for gasoline just to get to work. We want a decent living and not a bare existence. Obama has been an economic disaster. The media is doing its best to hide the fact that their chosen one is really a miserable one. Seriously, the pathetic pawns need a reality check. Believe me you can not get much lower in the eyes of the people than you already are.

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