Sunday, March 25, 2012

Senate DEMS Showboat; Neglect Their Actual Jobs

The Senate democrats havn't done their primary job in over 1000 days. Yet today, Senator Charles Shumer decided to announce that the Democrats in the Senate would be show boating on tax day. Rather than chose to submit a budget that would cut deficits and reduce the burden the Democrats are placing on my Grandchildren, they instead will have a "symbolic" vote on increasing taxes. This is an outrage and the Democrats should be punished for trying showmanship rather than actually do their jobs.

According to Fareed Zakaria, the US currently has a more progressive income tax than even Europe. That's right folks, our so called rich, you know the ones Schumer want to raise taxes on with his symbolic vote, already pay a higher percentage in income taxes than their brethren in Europe. Yet the rich are the ones required to also invest in our economy in order to get it moving.

What a shame that the Democrats would shirk their responsibility and have a vote that they know will fail. Most voters understand the Democrats are for higher taxes and higher spending. We don't need a showboat vote on the "Buffet rule" to prove that the Democrats will never find a cut they can stomach nor a tax they don't like. Rather than go around wasting time, why won't the Democrast propose something in the form of a budget? The Democrats have been busy over the last week complaining about Paul Ryan's budget propposal. Yet Paul Ryan's plan is the only one in Congress. The Democrat leadership in the Senate has failed to even attempt to do their primary job. The senate democrats need to start focusing on the issues at hand. We need jobs, we need a reduction in deficit spending, we need budget cuts, what we don't need is a showboat vote on a tax that currently has no chance of being implemented. We need the Democrats to actually do their jobs and stop passing the blame on Republicans. The Republicans are at least doing their part in proposing something for a budget.

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