Friday, March 23, 2012

Obama's Pipeline To Nowhere

President Obama was in Cushing Oklahoma yesterday pushing the building of the southern half of the keystone pipeline. Obama heralded the efforts to build the southern half of the pipeline as proof he has a comprehensive energy plan. Yet the truth of the matter is that Obama had nothing to do with the southern half of the pipeline. The southern half of the pipeline was not Obama's initiative. The southern half of the pipeline did not require Obama's approval. Simply put Obama is taking credit for somebody else's work. Yet the real story here is not that the southern half is being constructed.

The real story is that none of the southern half of the pipeline matters. The southern half is a pipeline to nowhere unless it connects to the northern half that Obama is bloicking. The southern half is nothing more than a blight along the highway unless it is connected to the Canadien oil fields in the north. Both the northern half and southern half need to be built in order to move the resources to the refineries. Leave to Obama to half step a project and only build the half that doesn't matter and won't do anything to reduce the burden we all have at the pump. This truly is a pipeline to nowhere. It is a waste and Obama wants to take credit for something he had nothing to do with. Obama is a half wit.

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