Saturday, March 3, 2012

Obama's Bait and Switch

Obama's energy policies have been a disaster. Stephen Chu, Obama's Energy secretary, even said that lowering the price of gasoline at the pump is not part of the plan. Obama blamed Bush for the high prices in 2008, but now that Bush is no longer around to blame, Obama must find a new person to blame. Rather than develop a comprehensive energy plan to help provide short term assistance while meeting longer term goals, Obama insists on making the pain at the pump part of his plan to reduce the amount of gasoline required. See if Obama can cause people enough pain than maybe they will sink all of their money into the Chevy Volt.

Obama is busy going around the country saying we need to stop the $ 4 billion subsidy that Big Oil enjoys. Now that may be true and perhaps we should wean the oil companies from the government teat. Yet, Obama's reduction of subsidies does nothing to help the problem at hand. Obama would just spend this $4 billion in other boondoggles like Solyndra. The price at the pump is not higher because of these subsidies and cutting these subsidies would under the best of circumstances would keep gasoline prices flat and worse case scenario cause the prices to increase even further as American Oil companies would have to charge even more to make a profit. Spending money on alternatives is great, but Obama is spending money to return favors to his campaign contributors. Over a billion dollars have been lost by the American taxpayer on crony companies that are going bankrupt at an alarming rate. Solyndra is but the tip of the ice berg.

This is a big bait and switch by Obama. Obama is turning attention away from the problem at hand. Obama is busy blaming others for his failed policies. We have not seen prices at the pump under $3.00 a gallon for over a year. Gasoline prices have doubled under Obama. Obama and his entire administration do not want to see prices under $3.00 because that may hinder his ability to launder campaign contributions into crony capitalist paybacks. Sure threaten to kill off the subsidies but really, what does that have to do with the high price of gasoline?

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