Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Media Misunderstanding

There seems to be a media complex misunderstanding of the super Tuesday result last night. Don't be fooled by the left. The pathetic pawns in the media know this was a resounding victory for Mitt Romney. Santorum won Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota. Nothing wrong with those victories and it goes to show that Santorum has a strong following of supporters. The problem is that Romney Won six times last night and won big states like Ohio and Virginia. Now to be honest Ohio was close and Romney did not blow away Santorum. However, Ohio is not exactly a bell weather Republican State. Ohio is diverse and plays well into the message of Santorum. Ohio is a neighboring State to Pennsylvania, the home State of Santorum. Ohio is part of the so called rust belt with many blue collar workers, the same type of blue collar "Reagan Democrats" that Santorum appeals to. Also remember Bush won Ohio in 2004 against John Kerry because of the christian conservative vote from rural Ohio. The media complex wants a food fight between Republicans as they believe the longer this goes on the more Obama can solidify his base and turn to the center before the nomination is even over.

The issue witht he pathetic pawn theory is that Romney made a dramatic comeback in the State of Ohio. Two weeks ago with Santorum coming off sweeping non binding caucus wins, he was up double digits in Ohio ovr Romney. Once Romney was able to fend off Santorum in Michigan, the lead in Ohio diminished and Romney was able to come back and take a tough State for Moderate Republican to win in a Republican primary. Romney did quite well for himslef and essentially has now closed the deal. There are too many winner take all contests for the other to contend with. In the winner take all contests it won't matter if the race is close or not, a loss will be a loss and Romney looks to be on the right side of the ledger in most of the contests.

Don't believe what the media wants to portray. The pathetic pawns know they have a weak candidate in Obama. Obama has a poor record, a record of failure to run on. The pathetic pawns are pushing for an election of "our guy is bad, but yours is unknown and weak". For the pathetic pawns this will become a contest of weakness, an election about staying with the incometent we know versus the one we don't. Obama is the one with the weak hand. It is Obama that can't get his approval rating up above the magical 50%. it is Obama that has to interrrupt the super Tuesday news cycle in order to remain relevant. Obama must grandstand in order to diminish his opponent. If the opponent is dimisnished, Obama stands no chance as his reord is abysmal. The media is pushing a meme that they will portray as being a misunderstood reading of the electorate if their candidate should lose. Let there be no doubt the media has gone all in for Obama and the democrats regardless of the condition of the country we love.

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