Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jon Corzine: Hero on the Left; A common Thief

Jon Corzine is a hero on the left. Corzinze resigned from the Senate so the left would keep the Statehouse in New Jersey after a Democratic Scandal. Corzine was hailed by Joe Biden as someone who Biden seeks economic advice from. Obama provided time and support during Corzine's failed Re-election campaign. Now we find out he is also a thief and a liar. See Corzine knowingly stole consumer money to pay off his overdraft on his JP Morgan account. Corzinze ordered at least $200 million dollars be sent to cover his overdraft. This is called stealing and he knew he wasn't supposed to do it. By doing it anyway, he showed a distinct disregard for the laws of our country. However, not bad enough that his mismanagement of his own firm sent it to bankruptcy, Corzine also lied in testimony before Congress. Seems the Democrats have such little respect for the laws of the Country and the rules in Congress that he believes he has the right to lie, cheat and steal. Typical behavior of the leftward politico's "all is good as long as it is other people's money they are spending.

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