Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Coming Battle

The upcoming battle for the hearts and minds of the American electorate is about to begin in earnest. We are now within 8 months of the election and the battleground on which the election will be fought have largely been drawn barring any major unknown happening. This election will be a referendum on Obama and his record. This election will be about leadership and direction. The election will be about where we are at currently, what direction we are moving in, and what direction we the people want the country to go.

Obama has been busy attempting to solidify his base. Everything from the "green energy" policies, to contraception arguments have been implemented and started by the President to shift the focus from his dismal failure of a record and onto buying votes. These iniitiatives are designed to keep Obama's base in line. The canceling of Keystone, the rising gasoline prices, and the "evil oilman" rhetoric are being pushed a a method to distract from the reality that gasoline prices have doubled under his President. This blame someone else game is all Obama can do. Obama has no credibility when it comes to his failures with solar companies like Solyndra. Obama has poured billions of dollars down the drain and then slowed the permit process for new sources of oil and energy. Obama needs woman as well as his Environmentalist vote. That is the reason for his contraceptive initiative just now coming out. Obama needed a wedge issue to take the people's mind off the dismal economic outlook for America. Obama is again trying to divide Americans to buy a few more votes. Having a religious exemption from providing "free contraception" is a no brainer. Dividing America on the issue is nothing more than ruse to shield Obaam from where the real battle lines.

The real battle lines in this election will be th economy where for three years Obama has touted how the economy was turning the corner. The 8.3 % unemployment rate is not going to get Obama elected. The rising gasoline prices will also be a defining issue. Should gasoline prices continue climbing as it appears they will, the economy will suffer. There is a point in time where companies will begin shifting rising costs onto the consumer. Watch for the second quarter and third Quarter GDP results. The final battle line will be the ever increasing deficit. Our government spends way to much of our money. Reducing the amount of proposed increases in expenditures is not a cut; it is a slowing of growth. We need to have an adult conversation about stopping the growth of the budget altogether and start reducing the expenditures. These are the battle lines on which the battle will be fought,the economy, the deficit, and energy policy.

Obama can attempt to buy all the votes he wants. But lets be clear, the republicans have been in a massive battle over the nomination and yet Obama still can't get his approval rating any where near 50%. Obama needs to be worried about his reelction chances. His ratings are low and even as republicans battle each other Obama doesn't have any traction. Incumbent Presidents that win reelection have momentum start building in the primary season. As long as Obama has to keep presuring his base to vote for him then Obama is sunk. Once the Republicans finally select their nominee and it appears to be close now, the focus will change from defeating another Republican to defeating Obama. The middle is crucial and whichever candidates can appeal to middle America will prevail. Romney is closer to the middle than Obama. Obama currently has much further to move to get to the center than the likely republican nominee. The battle lines are drawn and I feel good about my primary concern of defeating Obama at any cost.

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