Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Should We Pay for the Woman to Have Sex???

College Coed Susan Fluke says contraception should be free for all women. In her claim it costs $160 a month to have birth control and that is too high of a price for women to pay in order to have sex whenever they want without being punished with pregnancy. My question is why should I have to pay for her to have sex? After all only one other person enjoys it when she has sex and in all likelihood it won't be me or you. I don't ask for the tax payer to pay for my vices, why in the world would I pay for hers?

This whole contraception mess is Obama's way of pandering to women. Obama wanted this fight to solidify his support among women. Obama needs women in large numbers to be reelected and by pushing his abortion views onto the public and calling it a contraception bill he is able to claim it is about a woman's health. I would say contraception and abortion have less to do with a woman's health and more to do with a woman's wanton ways.

Sexual intercourse is a basic need for human survival. In order for humans to exist, women and men need to have sex to produce off spring. Without off spring there is no human race. So now we have Obama forcing us to pay for sex, whether we are involved or not. There is no reason why the tax payer should be paying for women or men for that matter to kill off their offspring. If women and men want to kill off their off spring than they should pay for it plain and simple. If the woman can't afford the contraception then why not have the man they are so madly in love with that they have sex, pay for the contraception? This mess is Obama's way of pandering to women to win their support in the November election. Are women really that cheap? If they are then Rush is right, women are nothing but prostitutes. After all they do want to be paid for having sex.

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