Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where Is The Energy

The Republican party needs to regroup. Obama has failed America in every way. The economy is sluggish at best with GDP growth under three percent last quarter and unemployment well over eight percent. Millions are so frustrated with the state of the economy that they left the labor force. The CBO is predicting seven percent unemployment for the next five years. Yet, with the economy in the tank and Obama out of ideas, his reelect numbers are not doing as badly as they should. Real Clear Politics still has Obama approval rating under water but not by much.

The Republican field should be doing better. While it is understandable that the Republicans have not yet rallied around one candidate, that is no reason for President to be so high in his approval ratings. Since November, Obama's approval has gained three to five points. Some of that is due to a small bounce from the State of the Union address but not all of the gain. Republicans are losing the message to a President who has to use tax payer dollars to buy votes. Republicans need to get their act together and start messaging their principles better.

Republicans have to be concerned when a Florida primary only had 1.7 million voters this year compared to a terrible Republican election cycle of 2008 had 1.94 million voters. The story is much the same in earlier States where Iowa was roughly steady and New Hampshire had a slight increase. In both Iowa and New Hampshire the primaries were open in an election cycle with an incumbent running unopposed. There doesn't seem to be any energy in the Republican base. That needs to change and quickly.

I hope the Republicans understand that they are losing right now. Rasmussen came out today with poll of party affiliation finding Democrats at a historical low point. They came in under 33% while Republicans came in at 35%. Yet we can't seem to get these people out to vote in the primaries. This campaign against Obama is going to be negative and approval ratings for every politician is bound to decline. The risk of not having energy in the electorate is that we will have the malaise election.

The wild card here in this election is malaise. Obama's intent is to turn the electorate away from the voting booth. Obama knows the Democrats will be unable to match the energy of 2008, so he is attempting to take away everyone's energy so he can win by default. Republicans need to stop attacking each other and point out a positive direction for the country. Republicans will not be able to win a negative campaign. Where is the message or better yet what is the message? We need energy to take advantage of the dwindling numbers of self identified Democrats. We need to lay out a clear message and take away Obama's message of "we may be bad but the other side is worse". We need to win the messaging war and energize the Republican electorate and we need that energy immediately.

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