Monday, February 27, 2012

Turn Around Is Fair Play

Remember when the Democrats were running in 2006 and 2006? Right, when the left was all up in arms over a rogue administration. The Democrats were screaming that dissent was a good thing even as they were warned that their rhetoric provided aid and comfort to the enemy. Remember when Harry Reid threatened to shut down the government over the surge in Iraq? Remember when the left placed ads in the NYT portraying "General Betrayus"? Remember when Reid said this war is lost? Remember when Hillary spoke eloquently of how dissent is at the root of Patriotism? Well now the shoe is on the other foot.

Obama's military committed a heinous crime in the eyes of the Islamic infidels. It was a simple mistake by soldiers more concerned about bringing peace to a war torn country than checking the trash for sensitive items that should not have been burned. Obama has been criticized for apologizing to Afghanistan. The left is defending Obama's position. Hillary has been particularly strong spoken and stated "dissent from the right is not helpful". I wonder where she was when Bush could have used some support when the left was busy slinging unhelpful dissent towards an administration leading a war effort?

Now I am not here to say Obama was wrong in offering an apology. Perhaps an apology was in order, after all, we were desecrating religious material. However, Obama was warned in the past that his apologies for American were unwarranted and not helpful. Obama was warned in previous apologies that America is made to appear weak when the President was busy scurrying around apologizing for every fault America had whether real, perceived, or not. Now we see where the apologies have gotten us. Obama singlehandedly is losing all of the gains we made these last few years in Afghanistan. Obama may have just lost the Afghanistan war. It may be near impossible now to get the Afghans to see the power of democracy over the despotic tribal rule the Afghans know. Perhaps a little dissent is good after all.

See Bush was berated by the left and the Republicans were banished to the wilderness for a couple of years. The dissent against Bush created a change in Washington political leaders but the dissent didn't change the fact that Iraq was not a lost war. The left dissent did not change the fact that the surge in Iraq worked out better than anyone could have imagined. Bush's plans worked regardless of the political dissent hurled at a wartime President. Contrast that with what all of Obama's apologies have done. Iran is more belligerent than ever. Egypt is in the hands of radical Islamists. Putin laughs at us. The Chinese have us bowing to them. The Saudi's have us begging for more oil. So Bush succeeded in spite of dissent. Obama has succeeded in creating dissent. Sorry Hillary but turn around is fair play and in this case Obama's apologies make us look weak and in all likelihood will lose us the war in Afghanistan. Obama's foreign policy is a disaster, now it is time to send the democrats to the wilderness for a couple of years.

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