Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Romney Wins The Night And Probably More

Romney just won both Arizona and Michigan tonight. In Arizona, Romney almost broke the 50% barrier. In Michigan the race was much closer but a win nonetheless. In the end I think tonight went a long way towards selecting the Republican nominee. I no longer see Santorum as having any chance for an upset. Santorum's last line of defense is Ohio. Santorum is currently up in Ohio but tonight should provide Romney with enough momentum to keep Ohio close if not win. Gingrich has a bigger chance of capturing some momentum but that relies on winning Georgia and Tennessee, while Santorum must win Ohio.

Romney is not my first choice and in all likelihood will not secure my Primary vote. In the general, Romney will have my vote safe an secure. Romney is right, we can not afford another four years of an Obama administration that is not constrained by another election. An Obama win in November will be the fall of a Nation. Romney is not a candidate without flaws. Yet he shines in comparison to the current White House occupant. Without something big coming out, Romney will be the nominee. It is time to start uniting behind the candidate a majority of Republicans will have selected. It is time to unleash our chosen candidate on Obama. It is time to stop the infighting and start placing Obama on the defensive.

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