Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Real Extremists

America has heard the 2012 campaign talking points from the democrats and its that the Republicans are extremists. Yet most of the republican ideas are mainstream supply side economics and plans that help not just the short term but also the long term. Obama's "let's invest in Algae technology" over lets drill our own oil and run a pipeline with our Canadian neighbors is what is extreme. Obama's own Treasury Secretary admitted, the administration is out of ideas and has no intention of fixing the issues.

It is not extreme to curb spending. What is extreme is to run annual deficits at a trillion dollar clip. In three years Obama has never run a deficit of less than a trillion dollars. Obama is on pace to blow $2.1 trillion dollars in 15 months or less. Geithner is going to have use "extreme" measures to get Obama through this election with the debt ceiling. Right now Geithner is projecting the debt ceiling to be reached between the end of the fiscal year and the end of the calendar year. The media lapdogs are reaching out to economists that say Geithner will be able to stretch the debt ceiling into FEB '13 by implementing accounting gimmicks and stop paying into retirement funds for federal employees. The issue isn't the accounting gimmickery or the stopping of paying into retirement, its that Obama promised to cut the budget deficit in half his first term and rather than balance a budget, Obama succeeded in becoming the first President ever to run trillion dollar deficits every year he has been in office.

Obama is fond of using the 99% versus 1% populist tone. Yet what is extremist is that Obama has stated and believes in "trickle up" economics. Nancy Pelosi says food stamps and unemployment checks are more stimulative and add more to the economy than anything else the government can do. Obama claims everyone "needs to have skin in the game" and speaks of "tax fairness", yet 49% of the people pay no income taxes. That is extremist. Where is the fairness and who has "skin in the game" when almost half the people in this country pay nothing in income taxes? A simple fact is Obama has become the food stamp President. More people are on food stamps today than ever before. All Obama has done is make the poor poorer. Obama's own economic policies have created very few real jobs and our labor participation rate are the lowest they have been in a generation. Obama has created a whole new desperate class. A class of people that when extended unemployment benefits run out, they run to the Social Security Administration to file disability claims. This desperate class will continue draining the Social Security disability fund even if the economy turns around. This desperate class of people is Obama's new dependent class that he plans to have continue voting for the party of entitlements rather than the party of opportunity.

Obama and his enablers in the media claim he has an "all of the above" energy plan. Yet Obama ridicules the call for drilling our own. Obama kills the keystone project that would partner with our northern neighbor bringing more jobs into our country and reducing the cost of gasoline in our country. Obama and his media propagandists want to claim it is not Obama's fault we are again approaching $4 per gallon of gas. Pelosi wants to blame it on wall street. Yet it is Obama that according to the judicial branch, illegally shut down oil drilling and permits with his moratorium in the gulf. It was the democrats that voted down the ANWR project last week. Obama's answer to higher gasoline prices? Algae, thats right algae. This falls right in line with Obama's "keep your tires inflated" as a means of reducing gasoline consumption to lower prices. Bottom line is Obama believes higher gasoline prices will force us to consume less. Obama doesn't care that our economy will fall apart. Obama and his enablers on the left ridicule the Republicans of looking back for the answers for the future, but it is Obama that wants to literally take us back to a time before oil and the combustion engine.

The real extremists are the Obama and the democrats. They have run out of ideas. Keynesian economics is a failure. The economy is about to shut down due to Obama's energy policies. The labor force will continue to shrink and even more people will become dependent on Government. Obama will ensure the wage gap between the rich and the poor continue to widen. We will be back to horse and buggy days soon. No wonder Obama wants to take away our guns, because when American society breaks apart and we return to the wild west days, where the rich get richer and the poor get shot, the democrats will lose their voting base.

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