Monday, February 6, 2012

Random Thought: Why I am A Conservative

The left hates competition; they don’t believe it is fair. Out of fairness and equality the left believes that having young children playing some form of baseball shouldn’t keep score because it may hurt a young child’s self esteem. Rather than promote ideas such as “practice makes perfect” the left says “don’t worry, everyone wins because we don’t keep score. Mankind is unable to flourish without competition. Marxist thought doesn’t work because if you take away competition why compete? Why try to better oneself if there is no better outcome? Why become a Doctor, if the Janitor lives just as good? Why pay a mortgage, if someone else will pay it for us? Complacency and the lack of competition is the ruin of every great civilization. The left’s lack of imagination, lack of curiosity, lack of competitive spirit will ruin America. As much as the left would love to there to be no risk of failure in the form of second, third, and fourth chances for all, the fact is that life is not fair. Life will move on and leave the complacent behind in the dust bin of history. Man’s ability to reason is what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom and makes us the top of the food chain. Man’s ability to reason is what makes us competitive; take away the competitive spirit; take away the responsibility, and man will become extinct.

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