Friday, February 10, 2012

A Positive Message Please

During the last Presidential election, Obama projected a positive message. Hope and Change was a cutesie campaign chant. The feel good chant mesmerized a faithful following. The right projected negativity. McCain did not inspire. The republican faithful voted against Obama and not for McCain. The negative feelings from the Bush administration, had the right with little hope other than to keep the impending drubbing closer. The right was able to do just that.

Yet, we are entering what should be another campaign season that should yield a positive Republican result. Right now there is a primary fight ongoing that increasingly has gone negative and personal. This can not continue. We know all of the candidates have their failings. We know by now what scars and flaws each candidate left standing has. The negativity has to stop so we can turn to the flawed candidate from the left. The Republican candidates are not flawed but rather battle tested and scarred. Obama is a wall of disasters, the sight in America is one of despair. The faster we get towards a positive message there will be a change. Rather than right leaning blogs editorializing the weakness of Obama, the blogs can editorialize the positives of their chosen candidate. We want a candidate to vote for not candidate that we have to vote against. Let Obama run his negative campaign charged by racism, the right can stay positive and win in a landslide.

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