Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama's Bump To Be Expected

Obama is rising slightly in the polls. This rise in the polls is bolstering his resolve to send a message to the elitists that America will be a country devoid of individual freedom. Obama has shown nothing but contempt for the constitution and yet he is rising in the polls. The pathetic pawns are busy stating the economy is improving right along with Obama's numbers. Yet the same pathetic pawns are just as busy hiding the fact that this slight bounce in approval ratings are to be expected.

Obama has been busy buying the votes of his base. The Contraception debacle shows just how far Obama is willing to go in order to solidify his own base. Obama ignored the warnings from Catholics. The pathetic pawns are busy attempting to cast this debacle as contrived anger by the Catholics. Yet, they pay no attention to the freedom Obama is taking away from not just the religious but all individuals. The left does not believe in individual freedom. everything they dream of is the rights of the collective. Obama's mandates are designed to take away individual rights and freedom. However, this collectivism panders to his base. The primary season is the time to pander and strengthen the base. When the base is solid the poll numbers are bound to rise.

Another important reason for Obama's rise is the highly negative and personal attack campaigns run by Newt and Mitt. Each has set out to destroy the other and the independents who despise the personal attacks are declining to support either. The negative campaign on one side and the buying of support from Obama are coupled together to increase his numbers in the polls.

Yet another reason for the rise in the polls is Obama is receiving favorable reviews by the pathetic pawns after the State of the Union address. Selling snake oil is what Obama does best. Campaigning during the State of the Union has propped up Obama. But all of this is to be expected.

In the end, as long as the Republicans select their nominee, Obama will again begin to sink in the polls. We have seen an ineffectual President for long enough. Once the nominee is able to propose a republican strategy and begins to build the planks for the republican convention Obama will begin to fall. There is a ceiling on Obama's support and that ceiling isn't high enough to receive a majority of the votes. As good as the democrats and Obama feel, the biggest number that should be talked about is an approval rating under 50%.

Republicans will not sit this one out. Independents are there for the taking. All the republicans need do is attack Obama from a positive agenda. Stay away from the negative campaigns and develop a strong message of unity, responsibility, prosperity, and strength, Obama will wither. All Obama has is class warfare and racism. This is not the positive message Americans want. Americans want to achieve the American dream, they don't want a handout making them dependent on Government for basic survival. Just remember, Obama's little bounce was to be expected in a campaign where the opposition is making negative and personal attacks.

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