Sunday, February 26, 2012

Obama's Blame Game

The Obama administration is light on taking responsibility and heavy on passing on blame. Obama is currently fundraising and politicizing the high pump prices we are paying, yet takes no responsibility for his own energy policies. Obama always takes credit when the unemployment numbers go down, yet blames others when there is any set back. Obama blames others for the increasing wage gap between the rich and poor, yet refuses to take responsibility for having placed the most people ever onto the food stamp program. Obama blames Wall Street for the housing mess yet, refuses to take responsibility for his lawsuits forcing the financial institutions to make riskier and riskier loans. Obama will only take credit for the popular and the good, whether or not he is responsible for them or not. The question is how long will Obama's followers and adoring media lapdogs continue allowing Obama to play the blame game?

There is a funny thing about history: We can't change what happened. Blaming others doesn't do anything to fix the problem. America is in dire need of leadership and this President refuses to take ownership or responsibility. Obama is about to blow through $2.1 trillion dollars worth of debt in 14 months. Yet, he blames the trillion dollar deficits on Republicans. Obama promised to cut the annual budget deficit in half during his first term, yet he blames Bush because the recession was even deeper than he anticipated. Obama must have forgotten he was in the Senate voting on budget appropriations all throughout Bush's second term. Obama speaks of balance between cuts and tax increases yet only proposes tax increases. Obama is the most spend thrift President we have ever seen and blaming others is not taking us forward.

Gasoline prices have doubled at the pump since Obama took office. Prices today are higher then they were at this time in 2008, yet Obama blamed Bush in 2008, and now blames the Koch brothers. Gasoline pump prices have not been below $3.00 a gallon in over a year. Obama mocks Republicans for the desire to have $2.00 gasoline, yet takes no responsibility for the approaching $4.00 gasoline. Obama blames the rich oil men yet refuses to approve the Keystone project. Obama blames Iran for the recent spike in prices, yet refuses to allow more drilling in ANWR. Obama takes credit for the increase in oil production stateside, even though the increase in production were approved under Bush. Obama blames BP for oil spills yet, takes no responsibility for his illegal moratorium. Obama blames everyone else yet refuses to take responsibility for failed investments in company's like Solyndra. Obama is full of blame for the ever increasing gasoline prices and yet offers such awesome solutions such as inflating your tires and investing in Algae.

Obama is fond of taking credit for Osama and Libya yet refuses to take responsibility for Egypt and Syria. Egypt blackmailed this President to continue sending millions of dollars in aid or threatened to void the Israeli peace treaty. Obama blames Bush for isolating our enemies yet refuses to take responsibility for an increasingly belligerent Iran. Obama blamed poor relations with Syria on Bush for not engaging them, yet refuses to take responsibility for the thousands that have died under the Syrian regime cracking down on protestors. If the Syrian Shiite regime goes down to the Sunni majority, will Obama take credit for the impending Al Queda regime?

The bottom line is Obama passes the blame on everyone else. Nothing is ever this President's fault. Everything is in the too hard to do box and yet Obama wants another term? Please tell me why he deserves another chance. Obama and the Democrats have controlled the agenda in Washington since 2007. (Yes 2007, because Bush was a lame duck and the Republicans decimated in the 2006 mid term elections). Obama and the democrats held a filibuster proof majority for Obama's first two years of his administration and yet still takes no responsibility for where we are economically. In six years of Democrat control of the Washington agenda we have seen a death spiral in debt, a tripling of fuel prices, an explosion of dependency on government, an ever rising homeless issue, an ever widening income gap, and an ever increasing hostility towards Americans world wide. Yet rather than lead, Obama insists on blaming others and begging for another term. Why? In six years, the Democrats have done nothing to reverse the trends of the previous six Bush years. Six years of Democrat rule is more than enough. We need leadership and it isn't coming from the left. All we'll get from the left is another four years of blaming others for their own failed policies.

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