Sunday, February 12, 2012

Obama Compromised Transparency

The pathetic pawns are busy this weekend as is the Democratic National Committee spinning the contraception controversy as a compromise. Obama did not compromise, religious health policies still have to provide contraceptives and abortifacients free of charge to the people enrolled in their health care benefits. Changing the cost from a transparent cost as part of the premium has been changed to a hidden cost to the payor. The only compromise by Obama was on his promise to be transparent.

Obama has infringed on the rights of everyone. Obama's stance on forcing his aberrant view points concerning abortion on all Americans. Not satisfied that abortion is already legal, Obama wants abortion to be free. See to Obama pregnancy is a mistake that he doesn't want people punished for. To Obama, pregnancy is not the gift of life but rather an unwanted side effect of having fun. Obama not only believes in abortion, he believes it should be an unregulated free for all. Rather than teach people of the consequences of their actions, Obama would rather provide for people to have mulligans. In the case of forcing religious organizations to provide a benefit in which the religion is against, Obama not only infringed on the rights of just the Catholics or just the religious, he also infringed on the right of every American.

That is the problem with Obama. Constantly Obama has proven through his actions that he alone is judge, jury, and executioner. All we have to do is look at his energy proposals. Obama's EPA is forcing Coal fired plants to close. Rather than have the EPA submit proposed regulations, Obama's thugs in the EPA just make rules that force hardships on every American. Just look at Obama's recent recess appointments. Obama decided when the Senate and Congress was in recess even though the Congress itself stated it was not in recess and was open for business. In fact business was ongoing as his is fully aware or his 2 months payroll tax gimmick would not have been passed as Congress provided "Unanimous Consent" rather than bringing to a floor vote. Just look at the health care law, passed by a budgetary trick rather than a the normal process that could have been filibustered.

Obama's own words speak of his contempt for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Just last week Obama was complaining that the founding fathers set up a system that makes it impossible for him to get everything done he wants to get accomplished. Obama has consistently schemed his way around individual freedoms. Obama is a collectivist. Obama believes in groups having rights not individuals. Obama is fond of taking away individual rights to take care of the rights a few groups that will continue to vote for him.

This controversy over contraception is not about taking care of women as the left would have us believe. It is about taking away religious freedom and individual freedom. The controversy is about government control over our entire lives, rather than a Government providing for the general welfare of society. This is not about religion, it is a war against the American ideals of personal responsibility and individual freedom. The only thing Obama compromised was transparency; the cost of Obama's plan will now just be hidden from view.

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