Friday, February 10, 2012

An Establishment Abuse of Power

Public Unions and Wisconsin Democrat Party officials are making a mockery of the election process and abusing establishment power concerning recall elections. The union thugs and their Democratic enablers have no skin in this game of do over elections. Unions have millions of dollars from union membership dues to pursue a change in elections. Democrats who lost because there policies are bankrupting the State are backing these recall petitions as a way to get back power they already lost at the polls. Yet in the end the taxpayers have to keep paying for out of cycle elections just because the establishment special interests and political party power brokers didn't like the outcome of previous elections. This could not have been the intent of the recall law. I'm almost certain the recall law was enacted to ensure if a politician was acting without the will of the people that there was some way of ridding the State of the bad politician. In all liklihood the law was enacted for persons that have lost all credibility with the community they serve, usually because of scandal or ineptitude and notjust because a special interest group disagrees with a specific policy. I can tell you that the Wisconsin Supreme probably has lost the credibility within the community and maybe Prosser needed to have a recall election. However, the recall of Scott Walker and the four republican state sneators this year, in addition to the 9 Senate recall elections last year are not out of politicians losing credibility but out of spite.

These elections that are out of cycle are costing the State millions of dollars that was not budgeted for. Last year the nine recall elections for State Senators cost the state $2.1 million dollars. If this years recall of Scott Walker can't be timed with the Primary elections already scheduled there will yet again be even more cost to the State taxpayer. These elections are not because of grass roots outrage or corpution but just because the Union thugs and their enablers on the left lost a vote. These thugs are attempting to thwart the will of the people by forcing election after election until they are able to change the outcome of the last election. This 2 year old childlike mentality has to stop.

The recall law have to be able to hold the special interest groups accountable. It is obvious this is because the unions are upset that the State will no longer collect union dues from everyone in the collective bargaining unit whether the members in the CBU like it or not. The recall elections are being forced out of spite. The signatures collected are in such numbers as to attempt to overwhelm the election commision so they are unable to investigate whether the signatures represent the true will of the signatories or are fraudulent. In the case of Wisconsin, the left is using every corrupt manner they can to purchase seats in the Senate so they can retake political power. This is not the way America works.

America is the Home of the Brave, not the Home of a bunch of crybabies. My hope is that the people in Wisconsin turn out to vote and overwhelmingly turn away the left wing challengers. I also hope that their is a referendum on the ballot asking and demanding that if a special interest group (in this case unions) abuse their power that they are punitively fined at 100 times the cost of the recall elections. Fining the special interest groups in a punative way may make them think twice before trumping up charges and riling up supporters. This lunacy of recall after recall until an election result can be overturned are ridiculous. This is an outrage hereas the special interest groups have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The unions in this case take money without the consent of the members and spend on that money on recall petition drives. Win or lose the elections the unions have been enabled to try and try again until they get better results.There is no way they can lose, even if they spend some money from member dues, it is always in the best interest to keep cronies in office to do their bidding. No wonder American politicians are beholden to the special interest groups, that is where the money is. Stop the lunacy, change the laws, and make the special interest groups pay for their whining. The recall elections is an establishment abuse of power. The recall elections is more ellitist thinking that they know what is best for the people. The special interest groups are buyng results and changing the will of the people.

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