Friday, February 3, 2012

Equality Under The Law For Hate Crimes

Enforcement of laws petaining to hate crimes just became very obsolete today. The decision by a Philadelphia prosecutor not to seek hate crimes charges in the case of teenagers attacking a taxi driver and a passenger even as both in sworn statements said the attackers spewed racial slurs proves that liberals believe hate crimes are only against minorities. This lack of interest in seeking hate crimes penalties in this case shows that there is no equality under the law when it comes to laws based on racial or ethnic backgrounds.

The prosecutor said that using racial slurs was not enough. In order to pursue hate crimes the suspects would have had to told someone down the street that they were going to seek out someone based on race prior to the criminal act. Is that the same standard that will be used when a white perpatrator is suspected of hate crimes? Will this same prosecutor not seek additional penalties under hate crimes when a white suspect uses racial slurs against a black person?

Laws are intended to protect everyone and not just the few. Our civil rights laws state discrimination based on race is illegal. The civil rights laws do not single out a particular race nor do they single out minority races. Nope they simply state race based discrimination is illegal. If there is not going to be equality under the law then there is no law, our constitution is based on equality. How is it social justice when minorities are not treated the same under our laws? Liberals need to understand that individuals discriminate not races. Believe me there are racists in every race category not just the caucasian race. There are people in all races, religions, and creeds that hate other people. Liberal prosecutrs from the cities in this nation need to start enforcing the laws as writen. The flash mobs of African American youths from Wisconsin attacking Caucasians at the Wisconsin State fair were racists and guilty of hate crimes. The African American youths in the Philadelphia case are racist. Racism in its entirety needs to stop. Until the laws are enforced equally, there is no law to begin with, at least not laws that will pass constitional muster in America. Liberals want fairness and equality yet when it comes to equality under law concerning a minority they ignore this same fairness and equality they claim. Liberals are hypocritical and illogical.

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