Sunday, February 12, 2012

Democrat Shameless Lies

The Democrats in the Senate have not passed a budget in over 1000 days, that is almost three years. In 2010, Democrats didn't want to pass a budget because they were about to be drubbed in the mid term elections and didn't want more unpopular votes causing an even greater rift with the public. In 2011, Democrats in the Senate couldn't pass a budget because they were unwilling to compromise. Even though the only bi partisanship was towards a more fiscally conservative plan. The Democrats voted down Obama's plan out of hand and then voted down the House plan. Rather than work out a plan with the Republicans in the Senate so there would be a bi partisan plan, Harry Reid protected Obama and the Democrats. This year, Harry Reid wants to claim he doesn't have to pass a budget because spending limits were already set last August.

We the people of the United States deserve a better media inquiry. We deserve the truth and the media has a responsibility push for the truth rather than the Obama narrative. Candy Crowley was correct in what she asked today. Harry Reid knows the Presidents plan will not pass. This will provide cover for Obama to say "look I provided a plan that would have created two million jobs but the evil Republicans wouldn't compromise and were obstructionists. Even though the Senate led by Democrats won't even make an attempt at passing a budget. The pathetic pawns in the media won't even rebut the obvious lie Jacob Lew made this morning. Lew says budgets can't pass because they will be filibustered and it takes 60 votes. That is not the case and Lew and the White House are fully aware of that. See Obamacare would not have had final passage if it didn't take the budget route. Why? one might ask, well it because Scott Brown would have held the line and filibustered the atrocious health care bill that is more unpopular today than it was when it passed. The Democrats were even considering writing a rule "deeming the legislation passed" so they wouldn't have to actually have a vote. Yet because there were budget items in the bill, it passed the Senate with less than 60 votes and no it couldn't have been filibustered. Lew is lying and Crowley should have publicly called him out on the lies.

These shameless lies and setting up our country for failure is not what we expect of our politicians. Laying the ground work to pass the blame for failure is not what America deserves from its elected leaders. The pathetic pawns want to claim the mantle of "vetting" our candidates, if that's the case they need to stop being one sided. Campbell Brown last election cycle claimed she and the rest of the pathetic pawns should not have to bring up both sides of an argument if the media knew it was false. In fact she became very indignant when she was questioned on her stance. Yet here we are four years later, the pathetic pawns still have not vetted Obama, and they still let his lies go unreported. The democrats are shameless liars. The pathetic pawns are the enablers of the left. We deserve better and we need to send both the Democrats and the pathetic pawns a message in November.

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