Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why SC Matters

South Carolina matters this year more than most Presidential primary cycles. This cycle Americans are angrier than in most years. This is the angriest electorate I have ever seen. Searching the past every election has a generalized theme. In 1976 Jimmy Carter faced an electorate that wanted to rid itself of the remnants of a corrupt government. In 1980, the theme was malaise and in 1984 happy time are here again. In 1988, we had the more of the same status quo election, followed by the out of touch campaign by Bush. We followed that with the strike against an overreaching Congress in 1996. In 2000, we were searching for something different than another four drama filled years. In 2004, we had the election of scandal. The last election was one of change and ending wars. This will be the year the voting public is angry.

The electorate is angry that Obama focused on his liberal agenda rather than the economy. The electorate is angry that the media failed to vet Obama but now demands a full accounting by every Republican. The electorate is angry that there are no jobs. The electorate is angry that Obama would rather extend unemployment benefits than build an American infrastructure project. The electorate is angry that America no longer has a AAA credit rating. The electorate is angry that with the elitists that would rather tell the people what to do rather than allow people to do what they do best. The American people want off government dependency and back on to innovation and creation.

Tonight Newt Gingrich won in SC and that means the Republican nominee process will continue on at least into March and maybe even longer. Far from being at risk of splintering the Republican Party is united and the Republicans are vetting their own candidates rather than allow the media to select their favored candidate to serve up as a sacrificial lamb for Obama. SC means the Republicans kept their process and didn't allow the media to meddle in the middle and select our candidate for us. SC means the angry public now has an opportunity to unite around the candidate they choose.

I think the anger is part of why Newt won tonight. Newt is portrayed as the angry candidate and as long as he can play into the anger of the American people he will do well. in the end Newt may not play well with the general electorate. For now though, Newt is tapping into every American that is angry over the dismissal of the power of the people by the politicians. Newt may be an angry candidate but the electorate is also angry. The primary today will allow the Republicans to continue tapping into an anger that will only change when Obama is voted out of office. SC matters because it extended the game. Last week the media was pushing the meme that when Romney won in SC it would be over. The media wanted that result. The media tried to undermine the candidates other than Romney because they want Romney as the nominee.

Romney may well end up the nominee as I know believe the eventual nominee will be either Newt or Romney, unless there is a brokered convention, in which case all bets are off. Romney will be a stronger general election candidate if he survives the process. Newt is already tapping into an anger that may well make up for his dismal favorable ratings. As the process goes forward the angry electorate will unite behind the nominee to defeat the marxist we currently have acting as the petulent child President.

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