Sunday, January 1, 2012

Voter ID

The Department of Justice i going on an outright offensive against States implementing laws that require an identification when voting. I do not see what the issue is whatsoever. We require ID for the purchase of alcohol. We require valid license for driving. Some places require photo ID in order to get into work. So why when it is so important to get out and vote would it be such an onerous requirement to have a Voter ID in order to vote?

The States are offering free photo ID's in the States that require photo ID in order to vote. Get that, that ID's are free all that one has to do is go out and get an ID. Voting is our civic duty and yet going to obtain a free ID is way too much to ask. This is unbelievable and indefensible. The only reason the administration has is because it could disenfranchise a voter. I don't see the logic in that response. How does requiring a voter to obtain a free ID a hardship when it is the voters duty to vote.

I believe there are more pressing issues facing the Department of Justice. Instead of fighting in court ID laws why not start producing the documents and emails pertaining to the illegal operation called Fast and Furious? Why not back the rule of law rather than search for ways to have more dead people vote? Why not root out the drug infested Occupy movement rather than focus on voters doing their civic duty and obtaining the proper documentation to vote? We require voter registration but yet we don't make people show an ID of who they are? Voter ID's should be mandatory. In fact even those getting absentee ballots or mail in ballots or even if we go to an internet voting system we should have to provide validation of who we are. To not require voter ID is to disenfranchise the entire legal voter population. So we now have a Department of Justice that would rather disenfranchise the legal voter just so the left can continue getting a few thousand extra votes from dead people and illegal voters.

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