Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Story In Iowa?

What will be the story coming out of Iowa tonight? Will it be Rick Santorum? Will it be the divided Republican vote? I think the story in Iowa maybe the low turnout amongst Republicans. From Fox news accounts there will be approximately 120,000 votes cast tonight. In 2008 there were approximately 119,000 votes cast. An increase but not by much, more importantly it appears that less Republicans actually voted this year. The increase appears to have come from independents and Democrats the registered tonight or recently as Republicans so they could caucus. This should be scaring the heck out of the Republican party. As big of a disaster the Obama administration has been for the Republican ideals, if Republicans are not energized to select the Republican nominee, how in the world to they intend on getting voters energized enough to beat Obama in November?

If the Republican turnout in Iowa is less than 2008, when there was very little to be joyous about, the Republicans are doomed in November. Republicans are going to have to attack each other much less and go full on frontal assault on the Obama administration. There are ways of differentiating candidacies than negative attacks on fellow Republican candidates. The Republicans need to heed this warning from Iowa and start listening to what the voting public is telling them.

Republican voters are telling their candidates that they are not feeling good about their fortunes. Republicans are saying they want specifics and they want to know how the economy is going to be fixed. The electorate as whole is feeling left out of the process. The electorate is being left behind with no hope of any change. I think Iowa is telling both parties that Americans are very turned off on their political institutions and on election day in November many incumbents may need to search for new employment. The electorate is restless and isn't really supporting anyone. So while the Democrats may seem lethargic with their choice in Obama, if the Republicans are not energized to alleviate the Democrats of their albatross than America will be stuck with 4 more years of a lame duck, do-nothing, President. The story of the night may just be the lack of participation amongst Republicans.

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