Monday, January 9, 2012

Standard Bearer

There has been much talk concerning who should be the Republican standard bearer for this Presidential election. Many comparisons are being made towards the John McCain and Bob Dole style of Senatorial candidates. Both were and are seen as compromising Senator's that had a history of sacrificing Republican ideals to get laws passed in Congress. Both are seen as moderates and the Conservative base is more about ideology than they are the politics of compromise (commonly called governing). Every losing Republican candidate since Barry Goldwater has been called a moderate. In other words the losing candidate wasn't a victim of circumstances but rahter was too moderate and not ideological enough.

Nothing could be further from reality. The Republican standard bearers that have lost since Goldwater lost in 1964 were not to moderate to win. The issues were deeper than simply not being conservative enough to energize the base. In 1976, Gerald Ford didn't lose because he was a moderate. He lost because the country was in a sour mood after Vietnam and the Watergate scandal. The Republicans were going to be punished for Watergate and the Nixon resignation no matter who the nominee was on the Republican side. In fact, even if the great conservative icon, Ronald Reagan was the nominee in 1976, he would have lost to Jimmy Carter. In 1992, the economy was in the tank. The country was in the doldrums and Bush lost, not because he went to moderate, not because he went against his no new taxes pledge, but because the economy was in the tank. The country was tired of 12 years of Republican Presidents and felt a change was in order. I believe if the election was held 3 months later Bush may have had a chance as the economy was beginning to turn around just before the election but not enough to turn the election. Also let's not forget that Ross Perot garnered enough independents and moderates that the 1992 election was skewed anyway. In 1996 Bob Dole didn't lose because he was too moderate. Bob Dole lost because the economy was booming. Additionally, Republicans overstepped their mandate of 1994. Impeaching Clinton was a mistake. Shutting down the Government was a mistake. The American voter saw the Republicans as taking revenge for Nixon and uncompromising for shutting the Government down. The Republicans blamed Dole for not being conservative enough or for not running an inspired campaign, but the reality was the economy was booming and Republicans seemed mean and vengeful. Finally, McCain was the only choice for 2008. Republicans were going to lose in 2008 no matter who the Democrats placed forward. I thin my dog could have been on the Democratic ticket and beat the second coming of Ronald Reagan in 2008. The economy was in the tank. Bush endured 8 years of left leaning hate and a media that destroyed anything and everything associated with Bush. The Republican brand as the media likes to call it was tarnished. The implosion of the financial markets and skyrocketing gasoline prices sealed our fate long before either party had their conventions.

The point being that, everytime a candidate loses we blame the candidate as not being conservative enough or not running an inspired campaign. However, in the end circumstances dictate who wins and who loses more than charismatic and inspired campaigns. When the economy is in the dumps or the country is in the midst of a constitutional crisis the party in power doesn't stand much of a chance. What this means to me is that no matter who the Republicna nominee is, they will be electable. Mitt Romney is electable and so is Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry. I don't think Ron Paul will win the nomination so I haven't included him, although he is electable. Bottom line is if the election were held today, the Republican, no matter who it is, would beat Obama. Never mind polls that show Romney is the only candidate that can beat Obama. Polls will solidify around the standard bearer once our nominee is selected and the gneral begins. If the economy remains in the doldrums into this summer, Obama loses, unless something major breaks. We need to vote our principles in the primary and vote our conscience in the General. We need to rid the country of the cancer that inflicts us. Democrats need to be on the outside. Unlike the Republican party, the Democrats will fold under adversity. The pundits have all said the Republican party is on the verge of splitting, nothing could be further from the truth. It is the democrats that are on the verge of collapse and splintering. Our standard bearer no matter who it is needs to focus on the economy and take some heat off the Republican House. There is a reason House members don't win a Pary nomination, they are not in the best position to lead the country. They are elected to represent a district. Just remember, we need to solidify around the stnadard bearer, and allow the standard bearer to run a campaign of prosperity against Obama. We need moderates and independents to win. Never mind what the media does, thwt are in the tank for Obama and will set out to destroy our candidate no matter who it is. "Its the economy stupid", the standard bearer won't make a difference.

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