Monday, January 9, 2012

Simply Wrong

In 2009, Obama told America that everyone needed to sacrifice and have some skin in the game. We were and still are in many aspects in the midst of the largest recession of our time. Obama knew we were in dire straights and even had the fortitude to tell America we were in for some hard times. Yet Obama, decided to have a lavish Halloween party, complete with Johnny Depp and punch filled blood vials.

Now Obama the transparent knew this was the wrong picture to send to the American people. So do you think the smartest man in the room decided to call off his party? Nope, rather than call off his lavish party Mr. Smarty decided to have the party and keep it secret. It's not so bad that Obama had a party in the White House. every President does that and after all he was elected to live there. What burns me and should burn every American is that Obama knew it was wrong and did it anyway.

That' right folks, Obama told the press they could report on the less lavish events of the day but no way should they ever report on the "Alice in Wonderland" themed lavish Halloween party. Obama knew the optics would look poorly upon him so instead of coming to grips with the reality of the optics and cancelling the event, Obama just decided to hide the event from public view. Here I thought Obama was supposed to be so transparent. I thought Obama was supposed to be smart. I thought Obama was supposed to be our savior and not our petulant child.

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