Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reevaluating the Field

As I owa went to the caucuses on Tuesday, I believed that the fifth and sixth place participants should drop out and endorse the fourth place finisher. I have since reevaluated my own position especially after McCain endorsed Romney and implored everyone to get out of the race. For quite awhile now, I believed the Republicans needed to quickly select their candidate so the nominee could move on to the general election challenge. I have change my position slightly and now believe that maybe prolonging the process into April or May would be better for the party.

In no way to I want to give Obama and his pathetic pawns in the media getting an extra long period in which to tear apart the Republican nominee. Romney won the other night by 8 votes and 25% of the electorate. Yet the next day every pathetic pawn somehow framed the night as good for Santorum but Romney now was going to be the clear choice for the Republican nomination. McCain came out and about said the same thing. I think this may now be the wrong tack to take. Obama is going to have plenty of money in which to crucify our nominee. Obama has already been busy bashing the Republicans at taxpayer expense. I want Obama to have to begin spending money without really knowing who the nominee is going to be. There is no need for Republicans to make this any easier on Obama.

The media wants the fight over. They want a candidate chosen and if anything the results of the other night disheartened them. The media understands that there is no clear singular choice. The Republican party essentially knows the establishment insider Republicans want romney. We also know the grassroot Republicans want someone else, they are just not decided on who that singular outside the establishment they want it to be. That will come. I make no bones about it, my choice is Gingrich, although, I could Perry is also a good choice that is more than acceptable. When MD has its primary, I will vote for one or the other if they are still in the race. If neither ids left standing by April, than I will sit the primary out. That will be my protest vote. I will vote for whoever the nominee is in the General election, yes even Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, or Perry or Gingrich.

SO back to why I like the fact Perry is staying in the race. First I think he may be the better candidate to take Mitt out rather than Gingrich (that's not to say I think Perry is better than Newt as a general election candidate.) At any rate, Gingrich, Perry, or Santorum needs to win SC and the same candidate needs to win Florida. After Florida, I think either Newt or Perry needs to bow out and maybe both if Santorum wins both. I think we need to get this down to a two person race and let the chips then fall. Right now I think the "not Romney camp" is still undecided between Newt, Perry and Santorum. One of the three will catch momentum as long as they can win SC and Florida. Money will come to the winner of SC and the winner in SC will be able to compete in Florida.

I have never seen Romney with anything more than 1/3 of the likely Republicans. That leaves 2/3 of Republicans that want someone else. There is still plenty of time as I believe Florida took a reduction in delegates but will be a winner take all vote. SC is proportional allocation so in the delegate count if one of the "Not Romney" can win both SC and Florida than we have us a race that will keep going on for a very long time. This will keep Obama and his media lapdogs guessing and keep Obama from coalescing a campaign against a particular candidate. This is going to be a negative campaign waged by Obama. Obama has no other choice as his record is abysmal. Republicans need to ensure that Obama has to play against the Republican Congress and his base until closer to the Conventions.

Republicans can afford to vote their conscience in SC and Florida. Hopefully then there will be a clear "not Romney" choice and the race becomes a two person race. Republicans have just begun this race towards delegates, let's not allow Iowa and New Hampshire make that choice for us. I don't think the Republicans can afford to have Obama sharpshooting a named candidate in March. We need to make him wait and guess until at least April or May. That will keep the party in the news to contrast Obama who will always be in front of the camera's for his pathetic pawns.

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