Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mitt's Taxes

The 2012 election campaign is not going to be a substantive debate on economical policies if the left has their way. See the left can not defend the Keynesian policies that have not been able to turn around the economy. The so called "great recession" officially ended in the summer of 2009. Yet two and half years later we have a stagnant economy where the unemployment rate is still well over 8%, the lowest participation rate since records have been kept, annualized GDP at 2% or less, a spiraling debt that is now over 100% of GDP, and a divided Government that is unable to get anything done. So the left can not talk about the stagnant economy and how we are going to get out of the Keynesian ditch we are in so instead the left wing pathetic pawns are allowing Obama to run a class warfare campaign and fueling the fires with a dose of racism.

The economy is exactly what makes Mitt Romney appealing. Mitt is a "technocrat" that has been in business for a very long time and has a good background concerning economical issues. As long as the economy is in the tank Romney is going to be relevant in the nomination process and election. Yet the media lapdogs want to shift the focus to Romney's tax records. The Washington Post was one of the first to push the meme about Romney's taxes trying to portray him as one of the evil rich 1% yet have ignored that their chosen candidate's failure to release of relevant records. America has not seen anything from Obama concerning his college transcripts. America hasn't seen where Obama registered for the draft and when did he do it. We haven't seen Obama's "citizenship" records proving he is a natural born citizen. The left knows full well that being born in America does not necessarily make one a citizen let alone a natural born citizen. The left wing pathetic pawns just take Obama at his word that everything is kosher in his past. When it comes to Obama the pathetic pawns are following the "move along, nothing to see here" mantra.

ROmney should say sure I'll release any relevant documentation desired, want my tax returns, fine then demand Obama's transcripts that show whether or not Obama attended his colleges as a foreign student. We have a constitutional requirement for our Presidents. Obama is obviously hiding something as we know nothing about him prior to his Harvard Law review days. Even his Harvard Law Review days are cloudy as we have not seen his dissertation (which for most people is a public record as colleges use dissertations as examples), we haven't seen how Harvard was financed, we haven't seen if Obama got into Harvard because of potential or if it was a race based decision.

It is funny how the pathetic pawns will only fight this campaign on Obama's terms. The people are saying the most important issues to them this cycle is the economy and jobs. Yet the media wants to focus the Republican debates on Romney's taxes, Newt's marital issues, Santorum's religion, and Paul's kookiness. None of these so called vetting processes have any weight on the economy and won't create jobs. Furthermore, these so called media vetting processes have never been used to vet their favored candidate. All the media wants to do is fight Obama's war along the lines of class warfare and racism, all just to prop up a failed Obama Presidency.

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