Monday, January 23, 2012

Mitt's Deception

Wow, that is all I can say. In the debate tonight it amazed me when Mitt stood on stage claiming that after his South Carolina debacle, he decided he wasn't going to stand around being attacked. His claim that "they started it" is absolutely false. Mitt attacked Newt very hard in Iowa. Mitt's Iowa attacks are largely responsible for Newt's decline in the polls in December. It was Mitt that attacked and attempted to vanquish his competition in Iowa. It was Mitt that gave a victory speech in New Hampshire that sounded like he has the nomination all wrapped up. It was Mitt that became arrogant when he thought he would sail through South Carolina. Mitt is being deceptive tonight and from what McCain and Huckabee said in 2007 we know Mitt ha issues with the truth.

And by the way Mitt, I wouldn't care if you voluntarily paid a dollar more in taxes than you legally owed. I don't hold it against if you don't pay extra either but don't think its crazy to vote for someone that would pay more than legally obligated.

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